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At a shooting range, and actually really enjoys it!  hahah actually no he obviously is terrified: What a stone cold killer… puts his finger directly on the trigger when he first picks up that AR.  Newb.  I like how he started pulling the trigger quickly though.  I figured he would have filled his pants and […]

A new series the lovely FateOfDestinee is doing: 39 seconds was kind of short… but it guess it was true to the name “Quick hits”.  I’d like to see her go on a bit more of a rant in a future quick hit and really stick it to the recipient. Destinee is wearing the 5.56x45mm t-shirt […]

More of the same on “Military style assault weapons that can fire 100 bullets in a minute”: My new piers screenshot is a better representation of how he rolls.  Eyes closed, mouth open, ears off. Yea NO ONE has ever defended their property using an AR-15… right.  I’ve posted about a few cases myself, one […]

Piers uses his usual buzzwords; “assault” “killing machines” etc… but surprisingly treats this guest with respect: A sharp contrast from the Alex Jones mess.  Joshua Boston is the type of guy I’d like people to think, of and associate with the terms “gun owner”, “gun enthusiast”, or even “veteran”.  There is currently so much of a stigma […]

I’m not a fan of this style of “interview”… extremely useless: 2:15… well that escalated quickly. Part II: Too much unnecessary finger pointing, yelling, and mocking by Alex Jones for my liking.  He could be the most intelligent man on the planet, but he just comes across as being nuts most of the time with his “new […]

Don’t let freedom’s door hit you in the ass on the way out: MrColionNoir (or “MCN” as a lot of you that email me call him) was really riled up about this one… talking at seemingly 2x the normal rate haha. You can check out my past posts on Piers to see him in action […]