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I just want to pinch Michael Bloomberg’s little cheeks after every one of these cute lil’ vids drops *smh*: 0:17 – “Part time cashier. Full time patriot.” – Ugh and she didn’t even LOL after that?  That’s how I knew this video was fake, because that line is pure gold. 0:40 – OHHHHHHH YEA!  It’s […]

Oh wow: This shirt is $70, and you should definitely buy it if you like the idea. You might recognize Aaron Cohen from a post I did yesterday on his TIER 1 Israeli training (which is evidently far too advanced for most of us to understand).  Aaron is so TIER AF, he actually posted this in […]

New pouch alert.  The Daka: Magpul calls it “the toughest pouch in the world”.  A bold claim which I seriously hope fathers several dozen fan made YouTube videos with all sorts of shenanigans. Made in the USA from reinforced polymer fabric with an anti slip texture, welded construction, water repellent zipper, 550 paracord tab on the […]

Jerry x Hunter Cayll: Interesting mods he made… I like his DIY style.  You can build anything from a Cold Fusion reactor, to a perpetual motion machine with JB Weld and zip ties… trust me on this one.  A friend of mine when I was younger had a (we’ll call it “vintage”) snowmobile that had an engine block […]

I don’t get this: At 2:51 we can see there’s a crowd of several hundred people, if not over 1000.  This little demo is supposed to impress them?  Let me just go through the steps: Roll empty bus onto grass (I’m already disappointed it wasn’t a short bus) Walk out (future) hostages 0:21 – Oh […]

Interesting: *shrug* seems to work well.  I’m really not a fan of widgets infiltrating any aspect of my life, unless they are completely necessary.  I see why some people might like this thing though for various reasons. The price is definitely good at $22.50 … and the various magazine adapters for $6 each.   That’s nice to […]