0:32 – “If you hate on people it gives them power. That’s why I have so much.” – LOL soooooooo much power. The only thing I love more than I’m gonna start killing people and come at me bro duel Yeager is delusions of grandeur Yeager.

1:10 – That hate’s gonna burn you up kid.

Whatever works for motivation i suppose. I love how he thinks people literally spend hours a day talking about how much they hate him, when in fact what likely happens is they are like “Yeager’s a dick, I hate that guy *click dislike button*” and done.

james-yeager-photographer-down-range-shootingI had someone comment to me on Instagram that they love my ENDO shirts but wouldn’t ever buy any because I make fun of Yeager’s vids. Haha cool story bro.




Carnik Con goes old timey:

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDOhaha wow that’s really well done.  Not one of his funniest videos, but definitely cool to see Dugan expand his horizons.



Larry Vickers AKA Mr-important-and-famous-frowny-pants visits a special forces training competition in Russia:

haha 2:33 the Russian guy turns into the LAV with the pointing, and tells Larry to “Listen”.

LOL 2:52 – “If the operator shoots a bystander target as a punishment he must write 12 letters to his imaginary relatives” and run 3 kilometers for each hole.

This video was kind of cool.. high production value, and some Russian operators doing a few neat things.  All in all I’m liking LAVs new vids.





You’ll laugh so hard you just might poop your lederhosen:

I’m assuming there’s going to be at least one comment questioning whether this was an American made Deagle or an Israeli Deagle, then proceeding to suggest a possible Jewish conspiracy against the Bavarian hat establishment reaching back to the 2nd world war.  Jewish conspiracies are the best kind (if you didn’t know)… and when it comes to pretty much any topic on the internet from guns to investing they are rampant. Coincidence that I lost this post the first time I typed it up, and it failed to autosave? Ha.. I think not. See what I mean? :P




Cool end result spoiled by the vid screen grab, and the 10 minute video is about 8 minutes too long:

Someone please shit on their record ASAP with 301 lb. Guinness book of records one-upmanship style! :P

Even though it looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere, I wonder how many people called the cops when they heard that explosion?

I’m half convinced that the tree exploded even more than it normally would have, just because Instructor Zero was present.

Instructor-ZeroThe fact there was no slow motion Richard Ryan style footage of this was disappointing.

Watch, some politician will see this and push for a US wide ban to prevent some scumbag doing something bad with it.  I can see it now… “OMG if 300lbs did that, what would happen if someone filled a U-Haul up with this dangerous concoction?!”.  THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS. haha




Demolition Ranch redneck science:

That’s cool, but I wish it made even more bubbles.  We must find a way to increase the amount!

LOL at the bubble suppressor. Hopefully that didn’t decrease the db, or the ATF will be all over their ass making sure they do hard time. So many dudes locked up over bubble quiteners it’s not even funny.

bubbles-trailer-park-boysI was at my girlfriend’s parent’s house earlier in the week for a few days and one of her little cousins had bubble solution and was blowing bubbles.  I secretly wanted to finish off the bottle after he was done playing with it, but instead I played it cool and distracted myself with a frisbee.

Brainstorm some ways you could make even more bubbles with a gun… GO! .50 BMG Wiffle load FTW?