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My only question is… when is the quad railed version coming out? Damn son, they did it!  *facepalm*  The Cowwadoody TIER -13 basement dweller operational operations ninja will think this is the greatest idea since black anodizing.  If you’re not part of the temple index / notch hat / forward roll / low speed high drag […]

A promo video for their AR series: TrackingPoint is one of those firearm companies which many other firearm companies should take notes on.  *cough* Sig Sauer *cough* and many others. Engaging targets from a chair zip line, and shooting through the Android equipped goggles are high on my “TO DO” list.

Someone please verify the authenticity of this ad, and put the link in the comments: The above picture was posted on TheFirearmBlog recently.  No link to the source, and when I looked at some of Glock’s blogs and social media pages I don’t find any mention of it. These are the reasons I think the […]

In some cases equality maybe doesn’t make much sense: Full Story over at The DesMoines Register. LOL his wife is reading firearm safety rules at the start “Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction” … MMMmmmhmm he goes as he is fondling the muzzle with his hand. 0:40 – “If I needed to […]

Mattv2099 black pillowcases it cartel-style and throws it in with his delicates: Tenifer LOLz at your lame one month salt trollture attempt Matt… step your game up and at least add fire ants, snake venom and sulphuric acid next time. Orange and baby blue zip ties?  Uggggghhhhh how non-operator of you… Operators ONLY use thick black […]

Charlotte, NC home of armed trash pickup by 19 year old operator John Schultz: Full Story – WCNC Rifle, bulletproof vest, extra magazines, zip ties, desert camouflage pants, and a knife.  Those look like fairly nice houses in the background… mean streets of the suburbs though require such a tactical loadout for trash pickup no doubt. Someone better […]