Mattv2099 with an epic new series:

I know as soon as I see the Glock in the pyrex with the eggs and hear the ominous music I’m in for a wild ride.   haha watermelon, purple drink, and flour!  A solid first episode I’d say.

Remember kids… Matt is a seasoned trollfessional, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.

You can grab the Guns And Coffee t-shirt or the NY Reload hat Matt is wearing over at ENDO Apparel.




NSFWTS (Not Safe For Workplaces That Suck):

Mattv2099 should get some girls together for a “Troll Shots” calendar where the girls all pose with Hi-Points, Deagle Brand Deagles and Glock brand Glocks covered in various trollture foods he has used in the past such as honey, jam, and chocolate sauce… that would be epic.  The money of course would be put towards funding more epic troll vids, and postage to cover sending the food to Africa.


The calendar can be pre-ordered (October 1st ship date) over on the Hot Shots website.  Some of the money goes to support veterans charities in the UK and the USA.

Thoughts? Would operate with?

Hat tip: Kyle, Archie



MrColionNoir takes a look:

When MrColionNoir and I aren’t going toe to toe on bird law, he’s makes videos with solid points in them.

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOI never gave much of a shit about these fly-by-night anti gun groups.  Sure some of them have been around for a while, but it’s only the ones like MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal Guns) which have heavy hitters funding to back them that end up not disappearing.  The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence is another one that’s been around for a long time, but always seems to be in dire need of money.  Like he mentioned in the video, it’s deceptive how these organizations are name… “against illegal guns” and “preventing gun violence” seem like two worthy causes until you look at what these organizations actually want to do, and that’s always take away the rights of people like you and I.




Richard Ryan and iJustine shoot an oldschool iMac:

Realtree camo spandex top and bottom paired with a stylish tan military inspired jacket?  ENDO Approved.  iJustine knows what’s up.  Wow.. 1.68 million subscribers to her channel!  That’s nuts, well she definitely works hard and deserves every bit of success!

Barrett MRAD… nice choice!  Can’t go wrong with the HK MP7 as well, even though it is far too dangerous for civilians.

Pretty crazy that the bullet didn’t go right thorough.  Fragmenting though I guess like Richard ends up saying in the Behind the scenes video below.

They talk behind the scenes:

iJustine-YouTubeRichard Ryan is of course wearing the ENDO Apparel 5.56x45mm t-shirt in the behind the scenes video.

Thoughts?  Who would you rather go shooting with, Richard Ryan or iJustine?  What about if all iJustine talked about is how much she likes Hi-Points, and how the Kel-Tec KSG is the best shotgun ever?



A 9 year old fellow countryman of Piers’, putting some lead down range:

Posted for no other reason than this kid is 9, British, and getting a taste of America while he’s here on Vacation.  Will he be allowed to tell his friends about the guns he shot when he goes back to school in the fall?  Is it illegal over there yet to talk about guns at school?  I imagine possession of YouTube shooting footage at school is definitely a crime.

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-OffMaybe when Piers reads my blog today he will tweet about how “disgusting it is to see a child shoot the same caliber high capacity ASSAULT WEAPON used to shoot Gabrielle Giffords in the head and kill 32 people at Virgina Tech”.  Yea he’s quite predictable, so I’m pretty much positive those words would be coming out of his mouth verbatim.




Dom Raso x NRA News:

Cool shirt brah.  *facepalm*  I don’t know what I like better… the psuedo henley appearance of if,  the contrast stitch collar, the gold lion, the side printing, or the acid dripped bottom half?  Tough to decide.  haha yea I know I’m a judgmental dickhead.

Dom-Raso-NRAI feel like Dom could grow a killer operator beard, but doesn’t because of possible NRA and/or societal pressures. He wants to though… I just know it.

Good info in the video though!  Why let the criminals be the only one with guns?