This guy sucks at everything:


Entertaining enough haha.

Hat tip: Jay



LMAO…  I wish this were just a prototype trollcessory:


The TacticSkin Slide Cover is an Unprecedented Revolutionary Upgrade for Your Glock Handgun.

Providing You with the Ability to Customize your Glock slide Visibility while Allowing Enhanced Tactical Performance and Versatility.

(Fab Defense – Source)


LOL “unprecedented revolutionary upgrade”…. “Allowing Enhanced Tactical Performance and Versatility”… oh god I’m dying over here LOLOL.

Gaston Glock is alive and kicking… but if he ever sees this I’m sure he will die, roll over in his grave, then resurrect and burn FAB Defense to the ground.

If you have a shooting buddy who buys one of these, I think it’s time for an ultimatum “Me or the tactical derp cover, your choice.”.  Who needs friends who think this is a good idea anyway?

The price?  It doesn’t say, but who really cares? Even if they were giving them away, the space it would take up in my garbage can is worth too much.




Hail To The Chief. Remember this douchebag?


Kessler remained defiant even after learning on this night, he’s been suspended for thirty days without pay effective immediately. Gilberton Council members voted five to one. They also voted and passed new policies ordering Kessler not to wear his uniform or use his title for personal use.

Michael Morrill of Schuylkill County argued, “We ended up getting 20,000 signatures asking for him to be fired. This suspension is totally inadequate.”

Source – CBS Philadelphia





Mattv2099 puts on a clinic:

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-TrollingSure the icing was black… but it could have be blacker.  Just saying.

3:00 – Holy, what a mess.  Looks like a picture I once saw of a Glock that was in a fire.

If you missed the original Glock brand Glock cakeazine trollture test, you should check it out.



Remember Leonard Embody?  Well he’s trying to teach the police lessons again:

On 7-29-13 I decided to pass out leaflets in downtown Nashville. I openly carried a molded kydex rifle case on my back with a ballistic vest. I purchased the ballistic vest because Tennessee cops have repeatedly pointed guns at me. It would be foolish not to wear a ballistic vest. I was detained once for about 20 minutes and let go. I then proceeded to do an interview with news channel 5. I then continued to pass out leaflets and was walking back to my vehicle when I was stopped by a crazy cop. He detained me, while his henchmen removed my sealed locked rifle case and pried it open without permission. They saw a suppressor attached to an AR15 rifle inside the case. I was arrested for the silencer even though form 3 paperwork was inside the case. I am an FFL NFA dealer and pay the SOT. The cops said that since the case appeared to maybe have a rifle in it they were justified in opening it. I was arrested and bonded out at about 5am on 7-30-13.

I have broke no law and believe the DA has not dropped the charges for fear of a federal lawsuit.

He’s got balls, I’ll give him that.  I’m on his side as far as “the law is the law” goes, and I hate guilty until proven innocent type things like this involving the police.  I really don’t know what he expects to get out of these little demonstrations?  Has any police officer ever got fired yet after any interaction with him? Doubtful.  Have the laws changed for the better because of gun related trolls like him?  Definitely not.  Does he have the power to change laws with demonstrations like this?  Again, that’s doubtful.  In the end it seems like the focus of these demonstrations is really to get shot (and obviously live), or troll hard enough to corner an officer into doing or saying something he shouldn’t, sue and then cash in. That’s what may have happened here.

LOL this is the rifle “case” he made from scratch using a vacuum forming machine it looks like he may have built for the purpose:

Troll-FaceThat’s next level open carry trolling when you go out of your way to even make your case form fit your rifle.

This all seems like a real waste of everyone’s time, including Leonard’s own.

I rolled my eyes when I saw this article on the incident called him an activist. haha




DemolitionRanch does it for science:

It looked so awesome when he was chambering them, but definitely anticlimactic when they were fired. :/

Similar concept to the Fiocchi glow shotgun ammo I’m assuming.  Maybe even the same magic that went into making this glow in the dark Glock?

ENDO Apparel make an appearance in the video, but it’s not that easy to make out since it’s dark haha.