HSLD Operator Paul Howe pokes holes and rakes windows for the LULz:

The GAT (Glass Assault Tool) is designed to penetrate car side and back window glass while enabling the operator to keep their hands on their weapon. It will also allow officers to defeat most cosmetic glass when responding to high risk missions such as active shooter or hostage rescue.

Source – XSsightSystems

I don’t really get this point of this tool.  Yea I know it’s to break glass, but given the two scenarios of “active shooter” and “hostage rescue” I just see this being a very niche product as far as when it will actually be used.  Let’s start off with an active shooter scenario… if someone is shooting, why would law enforcement be up close and personal with the shooters car?  Since when isn’t the object of the game to fill the shooter with holes by shooting through the glass from a safe distance?  Now regarding a hostage situation; hostage to me means that there is still a “threat”, so again why are LEOs up next to a car with a hostage and a gunman fixin to rake his glass?  If there’s no threat and we are calling hostages stupid people who don’t know how to open a door, or people who possibly have their arms bound or injured fine I guess that works… rake away.  Keep in mind there are hundreds of glass breaking tools you can buy that are no bigger than a pen that will work just as well and don’t require you to have a light mounted on your handgun like an idiot in the middle of the day.

FYI:  WL-GAT (TM)… yea that’s trademarked guys, watch out!  I know thousands of you were like “Damn son, I better get back to name brainstorming for my next big product which I was going to call the WL-GAT”.  *sigh* It’s official, all the good acronyms are now taken.

2:34 – “My GAT will be in the 12:00 position”.   haha his gat, that will never get old.

Since I think the name WL-GAT is fucking retarded I’m going to approach XSsightSystems about licensing the design to me for a rebrand as the glass entry tool every open and concealed carrier needs in their life to help prevent something I hate seeing.  Still with me?  I hate seeing dogs in hot cars.  This is why I present to you the DICKINFASTHO – Dog ICar Killed INFresh Air Soon Too Hot Out.  Rake the window, save a dog’s life.  I don’t make the big bucks for nothing… this idea machine of mine doesn’t have an off switch.

XSsightSystems-Glass-Assault-Tool-GAT-Weapon-LightOh yea and don’t mexican carry with the GAT unless you want a hole in your junk.  Don’t even try suing XSsightSystems if you don’t heed my warning and that happens either… they have lawyers that specialize in scrotum injury law on retainer that will eat the case.

I can’t find this handgun version of the GAT on the XSsightSystems website, but there is this hilarious AR-15 version you can check out.

Disappointing for all your non law enforcement / military guys that I know wanted to mount a GAT on your gat… XS won’t sell one to you. Probably for good reason… admit it, you had some dumb shit planned as soon as you saw the video. haha

Thoughts?  Would operate with? Useful tool or a gimmick?



Since I’m not a Star Wars nerd I thought this was going to be boring, but it’s actually quite interesting:

Incredible attention to detail.  As they mention in the video, there is a whole thread on a fan forum called Replica Prop Forum (RPF) which is dedicated to researching the detail of the Han Solo blaster and sourcing all the components.

StarWarsThere is a huge article over at Tested detailing the story of how fans recreated the original blaster down to the last detail.

I would have preferred them to build this on a real Mauser C96, but this is still quite cool.  Quite the workshop they have there! MYTH: BUSTED! uh wait.. there wasn’t a myth.




PHLster hooks up YouTube’s Chaos311Clarity with a holster for his chrome Deagle brand Deagle:

It astonishes me to see how much work with Kydex (all of it) is done by hand with these guys.  I figured bigger companies had dies and molds for injection molding and then CNC laser cutters for holes etc… not hand held razor blades, toaster ovens, drill presses, hand held heat guns, and homemade forming presses.

I’m pretty good with my hands, and I almost sliced my arm off trying to cut a strip of kydex with a razor blade for a project I was working on.  After that I was like NOT WORTH IT, I need that arm.

You might remember PHLster from the Yoda Kydex Holster I posted about a while back.

I think Jon (Chaos) needs to buy another Deagle, and commission PHLster to do a NY Reload holster.


Hat tip: John



It’s clear that I’ll never be operator enough to understand the point of this:


Check out the full video – HERE

What you’re looking at is a screen shot of FXhummel1 shooting his AK with a photographer snapping away no more than a few feet from him and the target.  This has been going on at Buck Yeager’s Tactical Response training school since 2009 (and probably before) for reasons none other than “buy a killer photo of yourself, and an autographed shirtless photo of Yeager after in the gift shop bRah” as far as I can tell.  Well I’m assuming he actually gives the students the pictures, or puts them up on his forum or something… either way it’s retarded.  There is no waiver in the world you could get me to sign that would make me feel comfortable shooting that close to a human being just for “fun”, considering a <$20 remote camera trigger and a tripod would suffice.  Hell I can even hook my tablet up to my digital SLR, adjust all the settings and focus… zoom etc… from it.  Hell even GoPro cameras look decent now and they are cheap enough that it doesn’t matter.

This next screen shot is from 3:14 where FXhummel is doing move while shooting maneuvers around those plastic drums.  He’s shooting… his guy in front of the muzzle the whole time:


It’s sure lucky that guns and ammunition are so clean NOTHING besides the shiny bullet and clean air come out of the barrel.  Also, there have never ever been accidents at shooting ranges even with professional shooters so I’m sure no one ever has anything to worry about.

It’s funny I actually starred the video in my reader to watch someday when I had a chance, but I got two emails today from people who were outraged and said they unsubscribed to FXhummel because of it.  I really don’t get the whole “I unsubscribed!” thing… but people seem to like to tell others they did that because it shows how mad they are.  Like when people tell me they are never reading my blog again after I say something that pisses them off… LOL sure buddy, I’ll pour out some liquor and try not to drown in my tears every time I think about losing one reader (who most definitely is silently coming back daily anyway).


FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomFXhummel is wearing a handful of different ENDO Apparel t-shirts in the video you can hit the link to pick up if you’re interested.

Hat tip: Antti, Jerrod



This is my life:


I often get several of those types of emails per day.  I know some of you guys are subscribed to the Civilian Marksmanship Program .22LR bulk sale post just for the LULz, so seeing these questions is not new to you.

I’m convinced this is the process:

  1. Sees picture of .22LR brick
  2. Thinks “AHHHHHH I NEED .22LR”
  3. Looks for my email address for 10 seconds rather then taking 5 seconds to read the post
  4. Spends 20 seconds writing email on how they can purchase said ammunition from me

I used to get a lot of emails from people wanting to buy a Glock 18 too.  Some of them were downright shady, others you could tell were foreigners, and some just seemed to be clueless of the rules.

It’s tough work running a blog sometime haha. :P



Yay lets shoot down government drones because we have nothing better to do. *Facepalm*… Derp ahead:

This story could be summed up as “Our town sucks, and we just want to get on the news”.  What a waste of everyone’s time.

drone-aircraftIf I worked for DHS I would dispatch drones there just out of shotgun range to hover around taking pictures just to piss those people off.  Although I think drones are possibly the most awesome thing to happen war-technology-wise in the last 10 years, I don’t like the idea of them being used to spy on average Americans one bit.  You just can’t go all Buck Yeager on them and start killing them though… there are rules to this shit.