Ban ALL guns and ALL knives… in fact ban everything that could possibly hurt someone:

In addition we apparently need to ask the National Institute of Science to create a kitchen utensil to serve that purpose but not kill or wound a human being. LOL

Meh people like that are such oxygen thieves.  Haha the best part was when he was wrong (by 4x as much) about firearm related murders it didn’t even phase him…. pffft government statistics.

I love when people are so stupid they convince themselves they are smart, and try to act that way.  I’m pretty sure that guy is high on something though… he just seems really off.

Troll-Faceahahahahah at the end when the interviewer dropped that “hands and fists kill more people than guns per year” statistic that was so money.

The footage was taken from a recent 2A rally in Philly.


Hat tip: Lucas, Marion



Be sure of your target and what’s behind it apparently doesn’t always apply:

Full Story – WSBTV

Meh $175,000… it’s a start I suppose.  Sadly I’m assuming that’s all they will get.  I don’t know why someone didn’t step in a long time ago and just tell them to build up the berm and solve the problem once and for all.  Wait… the range was across the street from them though… and the firing line wasn’t even facing them?  Wow… that must be one dangerous range.

Pabst-Blue-Ribbon-PBR-Bullet-Can-Explosion-HipsterShout out to the lawyer Desiree Duke.  She managed the win contrary to my recommendation regarding lawyers needing to have epic hair.  Although maybe her not-a-single-shit-was-given pixie haircut is what did it?

Thoughts?  Do you think $175,000 is enough?  The house doesn’t look very expensive (I don’t know market prices there mind you) but there definitely has to be a price on emotional distress dealing with that for 10 years.



Bill Burr gives poor home defense advice embedded in jokes:

Yea yea I know a “well placed shot” from a .22LR could take down a rhino or a grizzly bear…  For home defense I don’t agree with the advice though.  If you use a .22LR for home defense, and you convinced yourself it’s the best possible caliber to stop bad guys then great.

Bill-Burr-Comedianhahah a sickle.  That was good…

I posted some Bill Burr gun humor in the past you can check out.




Victoria’s Sphincter Vigilant Spectre does it just to do it:

I thought he was going to set an example for the rest of them and gun for some steaks, but turns out he was nice.  Those shots definitely lit a fire under their asses after that.  I’m sure PETA would still be pissed that the cattle’s fragile feelings might have been temporarily rustled by the gunshots though.

Vigilant-Spectre-Winter-Vehicle-OpsThat ATV looks like a workhorse!  I’m surprised they haven’t operated in operations from it yet.




Making guns for the mass market is so lame.  Regular people are boring and buy boring stuff.  SIG doesn’t have time for that shit, hence:




In order of the pics, you’re looking at: The Barracuda, The Zeus, The King Tut, and The Alexander The Great.

As a pimp or cartel member whats your first choice?  In theory I like the barracuda, but I feel that without those 4 sharp teeth people would just think you had a Northern pike on your gun.  That mistake would hardly would strike fear into the hearts of the hundreds of people you need to execute as a cartel member, or the people you have to pistol whip being a pimp.  I suppose my choice would be the King Tut, partially because I also like the badass sarcophagus it comes with.

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FXhummel1 breaks it down:

It’s all about catching terrorists.  Yea… catching terrorists, that’s IT… nothing else.

nsa-eagle-wiretappingFXHummel1 is wearing the Deagle t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.