High speed camera shows drag:

I wonder if that’s his kid’s fish tank?  I remember I had fish a few times… what a shitty pet.  I still would like to get rays and sharks someday in a massive baller-status wall tank.  I’d have people look after it though.

That looks pretty sweet when the glass spiderwebs and explodes.

AK-47-Kool-AidWATER = FASTER?! omg my entire world just came crashing down on me.  Damn you science *shakes fist into air and drops to knees*.  It does make perfect sense when he explained it thankfully.

Thoughts?  Oh and if you have a baller-status shark / ray tank please email me pics.

Hat tip: Joethefatman, Kevin, Carl



7 rounder hot off the presses:


That trolls hard… I like it.

New York Reload, and you’ve got a whopping 14 rounds under your belt. haha

I’m thinking they definitely should make this mag in the 33 round profile.


Hat tip: GearWhoresAnonymous



Says Natalie who is pissed at the way some guys treat women who are into shooting, recreational and otherwise:

Is it gay that I thought “Damn MrColionNoir would look badass with that hair!”?  Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that. LOL contrast hair is so cutting edge… like when Asians rock the blond how they do. (Shout out to my blond Asian blog readers).

Cooked this up in the lab:


Yep confirmed… MrColionNoir would look badass with Natalie’s hair.  It’s also confirmed that she would not look good with his face.  I know some of you #Foreveralones are saying to yourselves “I’d Holla!”… but no… just no…

MrColionNoir you Shawn Michaels looking mofo you…  If you’re considering, I say run it past Upscale Allen… but as a career move in my opinion that look is a go.  Everyone wants a lawyer with amazing hair, it’s a fact. Cases have been won by epic hair alone; look it up in your fancy books.

Thoughts?  Would you love MsNatalieNoir long time?  What about the MrColionMichales look… good to go?



Jerry Miculek that is…

Word on the street is the ATF tried to tax his trigger finger; Jerry being the badass that he is flipped them the middle one.

1:30 – 1911 dual wield in an effort to garner more haters.

2:08 – Is this one some sort of subtle crip / blood metaphor?  I don’t know.. but he definitely delivers.

3:00 – Joe Biden approved?  Probably not with that finger on the trigger.

3:29 – “And that right there is how you operate in operations.” he should have said.

5:24 – Low bore axis schmoreaxis… Jerry doesn’t know how to appreciate shit.

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEOThe man lives his range life in fast forward, and has fun doing it.   Lucky he has ammo sponsors…

If Jerry wasn’t so old I bet the military would be making him 7 figure offers to be a “one man army” with the objective to clean up some scumbags in overseas operations.




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