Not a single shit was given by this guy:

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackShooting at water is never recommended because of ricochets.  Tracers shot blindly into the forest probably isn’t recommended either because of the fires they could start.  Who has time to worry about safety and things that “could” happen though?


Hat tip: Kevin



Violent crime in Chicago is out of control. Vice takes a look:

Gun-Control-Chicago3:40 – “We using handguns in Chicago while they trying to ban assault rifles.  We don’t use assault rifles in Chicago. We get up on you baby.”  hahah real talk.

The gang mentality is insane.  I couldn’t imagine living my life always worried about getting killed just for walking around somewhere mid-day.




A clever response to the Boba fett holster I posted about:



Cooked up by PHLster out of Philidelphia. Awesome work… I’m sure the orders from people wanting their own are piling up. Make sure to check them out if you’re in in the market for a holster. They have some great Kydex holster tutorials on their YouTube page too, if you’re looking to get into making your own.

Thoughts?  Personally I’m holding out for the Jar Jar Binks holster.  He’s my favorite character EVER! (said no one ever).



Richard Ryan doing the world a favor:

I still remember how much easier life was once my family ditched our last inkjet and got a black and white laser printer.  My dad was the one paying for ink, but I just remember there always being so many issues with the color cartridge running out, smearing, malfunctioning… you name it, and my sister and I would get stressed out because we wanted to print things for school and what not.  We even tried to get the cartridges refilled for a while and boy was that a scam.

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-AWBI like black and white laser printers, because in my experience they just “work”.  That’s all I ask from electronics… just for them to do what they are intended to do.

Richard is wearing the Assault Weapons Ban t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.





Definitely an interesting story on which the game is based.

1:30 – Ack! A flu virus can survive on a banknote for up to 17 days?! Please tell me that’s not true.


Holy… the graphics are insane. The heads up display and user interface for the character are amazing too. I picture myself wearing a tactical version of Google glass that shows awesome stuff like that soon. Someday we’ll be telling kids how we used to operate in operations without heads up displays with fancy maps and health monitoring, and they won’t believe it.

Tom-Clancy-The-DivisionThe game is coming out for the newest generation of consoles; the Xbox One and the PS4. I still can’t get over how complicated games are now, in comparison to the ones I used to play.

You can check out the game website for more info.




The Italians know grease:

Watching the video after a few whiskey sours, the way he explained the testing machine was way over my head.  Like come on… we get it Tony, your machine is about to get some good metal on metal action going.  He could have saved the math talk and just said something about friction and called it a day, but nooooo he had to get all Leonardo da Vinci on us.

I love how he punks the other gun oils by adding more weight and sand repeatedly to their tests.

*insert stereotypical zinger about pizza here*

tmnt-drugs-pizzaI don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty confident Italian Gun Grease would suffice in the operations I normally operate in.  If you’re not already sold, I hear it makes a good dipping sauce if you mix it 1:1 with balsamic vinegar.