You can work with FxHummel1:

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomYou have to head over to his facebook post and give him an idea, some lyrics, etc… but you MUST be willing to work with him on the song.  You can’t be butthurt if he wants to make some changes to your song or idea.

Holy I have a lot of t-shirts now.  Head over to ENDO Apparel if you want to buy any of them.



Not real advice, although some of it might work:

Troll-FaceDefinitely more “heh” funny than “lol” funny… but it’s gun related so whatevs I posted it.




The sheer volume of emails I got about this was evidence enough that it needed to be seen:

Whenever I see YouTube videos over 5 minutes in length I let out an audible sigh which echoes around my lonely condo.  If the derp / entertainment factor looks promising I’ll watch it, but I’ve been burned so many times on 15 minute videos and end up being mad thinking “I could have watched an episode of New Girl instead of wasting my time with that bullshit.”  Yea I realize that’s probably the least operator thing I could have said, but whatever… it was said and I stand by it.  This video IS NOT a waste of time though thankfully.

Shout out to 1930s law enforcement:

0:36 – Shooting clays out of a fellow officers hand!  Good start guys… let’s keep the derp coming guys!

0:45 – Shooting chalk from between a clenched fist!  Niiiiiice.  They were all a bit too close for comfort for me.

0:58 – Putting out a cigar with some well placed shots.

1:08 – WTF kind of homoerotic action is going on here?  I was waiting for some Lady And The Tramp shit to go down…

1:18 – This guy keeps it real.  Chalk in the mouth and the ears!  Wow those first two shots were close! LOL

1:33 – Why pee your name in the snow or dirt when you can write it with automatic gunfire?

4:02 – Pass your buddy your loaded revolver muzzle first for the lulz

5:59 – Trigger discipline is for pussies.

The combat range drills at 10:16 are interesting.

I like the brass collection method at 12:43… oh the joy of revolvers over semi-autos.  Sorting? Sizing? Reclaiming Lead?  What a responsible bunch!  Back in the 30s I see it wasn’t SPEND SPEND SPEND.

13:17 – Picking up the lead with his bare hands!  Have fun possibly getting sick and dying.

13:55 – Reloading!  These guys are awesome.

Los-Angeles-County-SheriffIf the LASD are still this skilled in 2013, I think they should be teaching the LAPD how to up their hit percentage.

Funny how that video started out epic facepalm turbo-derp, and ended up awesome.


Hat tip: The tons of you that sent it in, finally convincing me to watch it!  Sorry for the wait.



The look at Modern Warfare 3 VS Ghosts:

Call-Of-Duty-GhostsBoostin’ that POLY COUNT SON!  I wonder if the sounds of 10 year olds with potty mouths online are clearer than every before too?  I hope so.

Really impressive actually, I’m not going to front.  I just hope there is a moisturizing code I can enter to help that dude out.

If you want to pick up COD Ghosts it’s on a $60 Nov 5th pre-order over at Amazon.



Allows you to customize your BBQ / Grilling tactical loadout:

Tactical-Grilling-Apron-1Tactical-Grilling-Apron-2Not bad… not bad.  Just make sure you don’t don’t use any assault seasonings that aren’t legal in your state unless you want your dog shot.

$35 over at ThinkGeek.  It doesn’t look like the greatest quality, but probably would still be worth the money for a fun gift.


Hat tip: Alan, John



TrackingPoint CEO defends his product and his rights:

“Guns Kill people”… “Think of the implications”.. blah blah blah same old anti-gun arguments.

“Weapons System” used to be the term which I hated the most…. I can safely say that has now been replaced with “Firing Solution”.  Is that a thing people say?  I think I’m going to start calling this blog a “Derp delivery system / entertainment solution”

TrackingPoint-LogoSweet lord $20-30k.  Until they make one for the Deagle brand Deagle I’m not putting up that kind of money.