A stellar example of how to do it properly:


If you’re interested in the M&P45C, and have the pulse rifle he’s looking for make sure you hit up this post on CalGuns and contact user IllBuyThatForADollar.  He’s located in Orange County CA so I’m assuming you’re going to need to have finger prints, DNA map, retina map, hair, stool, and urine samples in order to transfer the gun to your while complying with California law.

Thoughts?  If you have any similar epic ad examples post them in the comments.

Hat tip: Dimodame



Richard Ryan with a PSA:

In today’s day and age, not wearing a seatbelt is like smoking… you really should know better.  It doesn’t help when vechile manufacturers make annoying seatbelts though.  The seatbelt on my 2001 Honda Civic back in the day would lock up every time I would lean to do a shoulder check… that was infuriating.  Still I wore it and just got used to that because I didn’t want to die.  Also I really hate in really small cars when the seatbelt can’t go high enough and cuts into my neck.  Thankfully now I have a driver and roll around in a Rolls Royce Phantoms, so I don’t worry about that peasant shit anymore.  Kidding… I actually don’t even have a car right now, and I’m enjoying the extra money and not having to do annoying things like keep it clean and get the oil changed.


Richard is wearing the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.

Thoughts?  Do you roll the dice and decide not to wear a seatbelt on a regular basis?



FateOfDestinee takes a look at some toy guns and some stories in the media:

Fate-Of-Destinee-ENDOYea god forbid kids would play with toy guns at school anymore *eye roll* I hate this world sometime.  I thought I had it bad because I heard stories from older people about how they would bring rifles to school and go shooting afterwards, and I was irritated I couldn’t do that.

I still can’t believe kids get in trouble for playing around… pointing their fingers like a gun, chewing their food into gun shapes etc… ridiculous.




This Albany Oregon cop (Jim Estes) is cool as the other side of the pillow:

You can check out the same footage from another guy’s camera. It’s missing some solid derp at the start and the end though so I still recommend the video I put in the post even thought the quality isn’t as good.

1:19 – “Can I compromise with you?  I have an AR in my car.  If you let me take a look a your AR I’ll show you mine, and trust me mine is why cooler than yours.”

Interesting approach.  I don’t see what that accomplishes though besides to break the ice to find out who these guys are.

4:30 – hahha the cop shut that kid down on his “I can’t hold it unless I have a permit” SBR auto whining.  Nice.


I am not a fan of police officers asking for information they know they are not entitled to.  People that don’t know the law then proceed to give it to them because they associate the badge with supreme authority.   Not right in my opinion.

I’m also not a fan of open carry trolling either, but I do wish people would stop shitting their pants every time they saw someone with a gun out in public on someone who doesn’t look like a cop or a non-threatening old man or something to them.  Better safe than sorry?  Sure maybe… but where do you draw the line?

everything-could-be-a-trollBottom line is these kids are idiots.  If you’re going to attempt something like this at least be smarter about it, don’t just hit pause on CAWWADOODY, tell your mom you might be late for supper, text your bros, and throw a rifle on your back.

Markedguardian (one of the guys in the video) seems to have made it his life’s work to open carry troll. If you click the link you can find A TON of other videos he’s done on exactly that.




This is money:

Catch and release Quail hunting is a sport I would do. I have to brush up on my hand eye operational skills though to pull of catches like that.’

Looks-Shopped-Tell-By-PixelsMy first thought was “FAKE!”, mainly because the internet has put permanent skepticism in me.  Anyone?  Is it shopped?  Can you tell by the pixels?  I’m still enhancing the frames over here on my cray supercomputer but I’ll let you guys know when I’m done.

I’m going to give this guy the benefit of a doubt because he’s apparently Texas pastor Matt Carter.  If I know pastors like I think I do (not well) I gotta trust they wouldn’t lie as a part of a viral video scheme.  That would be the devil’s work.




Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion… same difference except the latter sounds ridiculous:

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOI’m curious what brought this video on considering the song itself is almost 2 months old.  Oh well either way I like his take on it, it was similar to mine.

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