A really relaxed interview.  Glenn Beck seems like a cool guy:

Every time I see MrColionNoir without a hat on I always am like “Oh yea, he’s not bald!”. That’s a tight fade too, I’m not mad at it. I’m rocking a fade now too as some of you might have read on Twitter, so I recognize.  I actually like the look better without the hat, more professional and just looks more honest because there’s not something looming right above his eyes.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-Keep-CalmWow passed the Texas bar exam yesterday too!@#$!@$#!@$%@#$ Congrats buddy!  Things are really coming together for him, that’s awesome to see; he earned it!

When is he going to get on Piers Morgan and destroy that man’s world?  That’s still what I’m waiting on most of all.




Luckily deemed by the ATF not to be a buttstock, so it won’t turn your AR-15 Pistol into an SBR:

$140 over at Sig Sauer.

0:49 – The baby powder is what you put on your hand so it leaves an imprint on their face when you pimp slapI suggest pimp slapping anyone who makes a snide remark about your brace, or anyone who happens to muzzle sweep you that day.

You might remember when I first posted about a rough prototype of this which an AR15.com member invented.  I’m really happy someone brought this to market and is helping out disabled veterans in the process by donating part of the proceeds to Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA).  Am I the only one who doesn’t like the word “portion”?  Like just come out and say it… are you donating pennies from every sale or are you donating a large percentage of the profit?  It makes huge difference in my mind, how much I end up caring about the gesture.  Being the pessimistic person I am, not knowing the percentage makes my care level initially very low.

No official word on if all girls will need to lean back using this… or if it’s just a persistent issue for the girl in the video:



Am I the only one that wants to see auto fire dual wield videos with these things?

Thoughts? Learn something about powdering from this post today, and fixing to try it out this weekend?



The making of an incredible guitar commissioned by musician Wyclef Jean:

The guitar was made by a guy named Jimmy DiResta,  you can check out his other incredible work over at his DiResta websiteHow he managed to not chop a finger or two off on that band saw is also incredible;  I love how he uses it to sculpt the wood.

2:48 – High capacity 6 string assault magazine!  That Wyclef… always pushing the limits.

6:00 – Trigger controlled whammy.  INTERNETS = WON.

Wyclef brandishing that badboy on the mean streets of NYC for TMZ:

Seeing how political Wyclef’s music is, knew there was going to be something anti-gun and deep behind this little project.  Wait for it…… “we convert weapons into music” and then something about saving kids from gun culture all over the world.


There’s one other AK-47 Guitar I blogged about a while back which you can also check out.  It’s more authentic looking, not like something a flamboyant African warlord would have commissioned Elton John to design.

Thoughts?  When is the Deagle Brand Deagle guitar coming… maybe I’ll commission one just to troll.

Hat tip: James, Krystian, Eric



VICE goes to an armed baptist church in Albuquerque, New Mexico:

That clip was from Episode #3 of the VICE HBO series, which seems to be quite good.

Really sad that people can’t even go to church without fear of getting killed;  I suppose that’s the world we live in though.  It’s a fact that “gun free zones” are the most un-safe… so I’m definitely all for what these guys are doing.

2:40 – Unloaded backup gun in pocket carry.  I thought this was a baptist church, not a synagogue?  Israeli carry joke that may have went over some of your heads LOL. I wonder if that Glock is unloaded too?

3:08 – “Need any help bro?  You sure?” – haha these guys don’t play

VICE-LogoI was hoping to be able to make fun of some more stuff in the video… oh well you win some you lose some.

Thoughts?  Probably a stupid question, but are you for or against church carry?



This is what they consider a “training warm-up” complete with fake Russian accents:

The video is titled “Shotguns a way of life”… so the “way of life” is that most of you miss basically ALL the shots you take?  Cool way of life bro.  I don’t claim to be king of the clays (because I’m not)… but this is really bad.

3:30 – Nerds and Skittles loads hahahha.  Why not, after all they are warming up for some training.

VigilantSpectre-YouTube-DERP6:00 – 10 Push-ups for muzzle sweeping a buddy. hahah yea no big deal, you could have just killed your friend… just laugh it off do the push-ups.

What’s with having the guy operating the clay thrower in front of the line of fire?  The best was when the clay flew left, but luckily hunting camo guy had the quick foresight not to pull the trigger.  They violate a lot of basically safety rules, and considering they aren’t new to this, and aren’t 5 years old they really should know better.  Oh right… when you’re an operator you don’t need to abide by the same rules as the rest of us commoners.

The best shit that popped into my mind lately was “Hey I know that logo!”.  Behold:


Yea ok it’s a bit of a stretch, but there are definitely lots of similarities.

Oh man… these guys are pure gold on multiple layers. It’s like a derp onion.   Thoughts?



Because 7 or 10 rounds isn’t enough sometime:

Was the video actually trolling, demonstrating that 9mm doesn’t have effective stopping power? *shots fired*

Jokes aside, the video did a fine job of illustrating the point… I felt it could have been 30 seconds long rather than 2 minutes though.  People that are against regular capacity magazines and for gun control need to start seeing this type of commercial on TV thrown into rotation with the regular commercials they are used to seeing… then it might cause some change.

gang-starr-full-clipI applaud the effort of the “production company” that made this.  I see they are trying to raise $1,000,000 dollars on indiegogo for a TV series, LOL’d good luck with that.  I suppose stranger things have happened.  Contribute if you’re interested, because it’s off to a real slow start.