Probably the stupidest idea I’ve seen in a while:


The original vision behind was to promote support of the Second Amendment by rubber-stamping a stack of $2-bills and using them as tip-currency in everyday life (cafe, coffeehouse, barber, restaurant) knowing that folks would likely be caught off guard by the not-so-common denomination AND including a stamped-on reference to the Second Amendment. Our hope is that people will be drawn into conversation about why upholding our Second Amendment rights is an important conversation to have!

Yea you buy a retarded little rubber stamp from this company, and then you can deface all the $2 bills that pass through your hands in the name of the 2nd Amendment.  If advertising on money was actually legal, every shady little company under the sun would start this ignorant guerrilla marketing practice, because it’s basically free.  I like my dead presidents (when I use them) crispy and untainted, thank you.  Can you imagine the hassle if every bill you tried to spend had multiple stamps on it?  It would be a nightmare from a counterfeit detection standpoint alone.

2nd-Amendment-Money-Currency-Bill-Stamp-2AI love how they have that little “We don’t encourage defacing U.S. currency” blurb at the bottom of the page I linked.  *facepalm*  ‘MERICA!




You too can have this home defense operator knowledge:

Interesting contrast in the video, between the instructor in HSLD multicam range operator mode, and home invasion mode.  I love how he’s just waiting for the burglar when he’s about to break in the front door.  SURPRISE!

home-alone-faceFree PDF available for download on mistakes people make that could result in a home invasion.




53″ x 38″ in size… 12500 pieces .  Heh.. why not right?




Source – Kevin Champeny

Cool I guess? *shrug*.  The thing that’s funny about art, is that the possibilities are limitless.  You just know next week someone is going to make a 60 foot .223 Remington cartridge out of chicken bones and snotty kleenx, and I’ll post about that too.




FXHummel1 and his wife get dynamic in this video:

Great song!  Looks like they had a blast making it.  Nice operator mohawk too.

California No Right To Bear Arms T-ShirtFX is wearing a VERY old version of the distressed California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt… the new one is WAY brighter as you can see in the pic.  Pick one up today over at ENDO Apparel.  XL’s will be back in stock next week.

Finally FX decided to upload this track to Bandcamp where you can download it!  Hopefully he does that with the rest of his songs as well.

Thoughts?  NRA employees… I know you read this blog, cut FXhummel1 a check to sing you a song!



The Biebes wouldn’t sign Mattv2099‘s ass cheek.  This is retaliation:

Pop icons can be soooooo snobby.  Matt showed him!

Don’t even ask why a grown man has a life size Bieber.  Lets just pretend it’s his sisters.


<— Matt definitely has a custom Justin Bieber Glock in his collection.

Thoughts? Ban bumpfire assault boards!



Posted because it’s oh so dramatic:

DEFCAD seriously needs a new spokesperson… preferably one that blinks, and doesn’t think he’s 3D printing Jesus.  I really do like the cause though, I just am looking forward to 3D printers that can print strong enough and in high enough resolution, to come down in price.  As I mentioned before, I don’t think the “I’m Riiiiiiich Biiiiiiitch!” printer they use for the prototypes is representative of the printers that most people can afford.

LOL looks like 3D Printing Jesus didn’t like this post much: