This is cool.  I like how we’re at the point where it’s viable to print internal components, not just the frames:

Shooting it:

1:18 – The bolt by itself weighs about 79 grams (which includes the 45 gram tungsten weight).   The original 10/22 bolt weighs 180 grams.  He goes on to say later on that because of the light weight, this particular bolt design only works for subsonic rounds or short rounds.

Cool little project.  I’ll be watching this one to see if he’s successful in getting that bolt weight up.

The guy’s channel is called Heywood Yabuzzoff, and he has a lot of other experimental 3d printed gun vids too.  Definitely worth checking out.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Blessings on blessings:

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEODammmmmmmmmmmn!  Looks good like all of their stuff.  Would operate with.

Hopefully they get into the 10/22 magazine game now too (they are already in the Glock magazine game).  There needs to be something Magpul reliable at a cheaper price point than the Ruger BX mags.



Reinventing the wheel to make it more cumbersome and prone to failure:

I don’t care for the idea of having to carry around the magazine PLUS the clips and the caps and even that speed loader tray (video on the speed loader tray here) to make things quicker.  Having to load 2 clips in each magazine + 5 rounds manually to get the full 45 round capacity isn’t ideal.  Even looks less like a good idea when you realize that the loading process is prone to error as shown in the company’s own promotional video I posted above.  There are so many inexpensive 10/22 speed loaders on the market right now for regular 10/22 mags;  you could save your thumb, save money, save transporting extra items, and probably not waste that much extra time (if any at all) loading the rounds the old fashioned way, one-by-one.

If these mags look like a good idea to you, they are available for purchase or you can get more information over at the company’s website HC Mags.  Keep in mine the cost of one 45 round magazine with one 20 round clip from HC Mags is $43.  Compare that with the reliable highly praised Ruger BX-25 magazines which go for around $25.

The idea seems like a decidedly more complicated version of the Cammenga AR-15 magazines, where you can just slide the spine down and drop the rounds in.

HC-Mags-1022-Magazine-Clip-AmmunitionNow when people talk about their “.22 clips” I’ll be like “Oh you use those HC MAGS?  They are the only ones I know which take clips”.


Hat tip: Jay


Red-Jacket-1022-Chest-Rig Mother-Of-God-Meme

Neva ben done befo’.  So sought after it’s sold out internet wide.

I bet that guy in the picture has seen some shit.  If his eyes weren’t cut off for OPSEC purposes I bet it would be an emotionless 1000 yard stare.

I know a guy whose cousin’s uncle’s friend knows a guy in special forces who says they run this exact setup.

Thoughtful that they included PALS webbing.  I’d put coms there, so my mom could tell me when the cookies are ready.


Hat tip: Zack


The Ruger 10/22 turned 50… Ruger is throwing you owner / operators a bone with a contest:


We want YOU to help design the next Ruger® 10/22® rifle!

Do you have a customized 10/22® rifle that everyone wants? Submit your design to the Ruger® 10/22® 50th Anniversary Design Contest and thousands of people may have the chance to buy a rifle based on your design. To enter for a chance to win, submit a photo of your customized rifle, an itemized parts list and a brief description of your design between now and 12:00 p.m. ET on Friday, October 18. We’ll select ten finalists based on the style of their submitted design, Ruger’s ability to produce, and its appeal to Ruger consumers. Then, we’ll let Ruger fans vote for their favorite design. Enter your design today for a chance to become a part of Ruger history!

More info and entry details over at the contest website.

Troll-FaceSome see a contest, I see a good opportunity to troll.  I wish I had a 10/22, extra picatinny rails, a ton of accessories, and a lot of time on my hands… my entry would be majestic.  I have confidence others will step up to the plate though with honorable troll submissions.



Yea you know most of those went over the berm (if there was one).  She should have yelled “Break yo’ self fool” before she mouthed “pew pew pew” while emptying the mag.

She needs to step her game up and shoulder a barrett .50 and try that. :P

Hat tip: Eric R.