ahhaha the beautiful music:

The takeaway here, is that you definitely want to avoid getting hit by any of those.  The 40mm “Gatekeeper” is a whole other level 😂… when it hit the gel my eyes got larger and I pushed back into my seat.  Yikes.

Gel wobbling in slow motion is really beautiful.  Like a plastic bag in the wind.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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As long as no one died, this is pretty awesome:

LOL not ideal.   I’m assuming those are police in the video… what are they using that stuff for anyways?  I thought Dragon’s Breath was strictly for shits and giggles?  If a cop ever lights some bad guy up with one of those rounds, it doesn’t matter if the guy killed 52 people before hand all the major news networks will pile on that the cop really should have went easier on him, get him fired, and rile the people up about what they will call police brutality.

Thoughts?  When is the VODA “Dragon’s Breath for the ladies self defense 🐲🐲🐲” video dropping?


Gratuitous destruction filmed in HD:

I like Bullet Theory Films because they haven’t taken on dozens of sponsors yet, and they get to the damn point ASAP.

Damn speaking of sponsors, I should have slipped them a $50 to have them subtly have the E N D O keys fly across the screen.  Gotta get subliminal with that shit.



The boy Royal Nonesuch.  No Valerie Nonesuch-Serbu in case you were wondering:

Royal-Nonesuch-Hawaiian2:05 – Peter pan up in this.  Rocking both barrels automatically one after another by accident.  A problematic feature if I’ve ever seen one.

Shooting that thing would feel so weird since the recoil is headed across your body rather than towards it.

5:22 – Spear which takes bullets. Hmmm in intrigued.  Probably won’t be that interesting unless he uses .50 BMG.

Yung Homebrew really needs a museum in his hometown. Thoughts?


Haha that intro. Royal back at it again with the Hawaiian shirts.

I notice he calls it “the defibrillator”. Throwing me shade and not using “Chesty LeQuad”…. Ok ok I see how it is Yung. :P

This isn’t much different than his initial test fire video, besides he has a laser now, a Hawaiian shirt, and made the whole thing better looking with some paint.  A variety of rounds shot in this one too which made it more interesting.

7:12 – All four barrels at once.

Royal-Nonesuch-Quad-Barrel-12GAI think a lot of Royal Nonsuch’s designs would probably sell really well out of the novelty alone.  A good percentage of products in the firearms market are pure novelty anyway.

CAN’T EVEN morale patch on the body armor, because he LITERALLY can’t even.



Monica Royal Nonesuch takes Chesty Le Quad out for a spin:

Royal-Nonesuch-Quad-Barrel-12GA-Shotgun1:28 – Oscar worthy death performance :P

His mom is still doing the filming, and Royal still gives NO shits whatsoever about safety.  Earphones for earpro?  No eyepro?  CARPE DIEM YOLO I guess… stay lucky my dude.

CAN’T EVEN morale patch on the body armor carrier. One hunnid.