This guy’s voice sounds like what pure testosterone sounds like:

“Give yourself the edge”… Ok.  The “pistol” is nice, I’ll give them that… however it’s definitely on the NeVa BiN DuN BeFO list along with every other possible configuration of AR-15.  MSRP $1,560.

0:26 – “Battle ready”?  I wish they would have elaborated on that one with specifics.  I just want to hear about the battle they are marketing it for… ISIS?  Home invasion shootouts?  The GubMiNt whEN ThEy trYnA CoMe n TaKe It?  All of the above?

0:37 – LOL this dude hiked to some higher ground just to dump some rounds.

Here’s another ad with the same narrator, for their RO Elite Operator 1911 in 10mm.  Since it’s a 10mm I’m almost positive some wild shit is going to be said:

Again, it looks nice I guess.  Whose buying $1145 1911’s though and what does this 1911 do differently than every other 1911 they and every other manufacturer has made since WWI?  At least with electronics, take Apple for instance if you get a new phone you get the benefits of it being quicker, nicer looking, thinner, nicer screen, better camera, better sound and the list goes on and on.  Would it be a flex to own this gun and show your buddies?  Would they go “WHOA… dude I can’t believe you own the coveted RO Elite Operator 10mm 1911.  So Siiiiiiiiiick.  Can I hold it?”?

0:20 – Comparing the handgun to a kid with the “AHhhh they grow up so fast”.. then on to the “It’s hard to raise a good handgun today.  In a WORLD OF ENTITLED SNOWFLAKES the…” Ok guys I think that’s enough internet for me today.  Oh man it goes further into “HeLL ya BoRtHer” territory after that unfortunately.

0:56 – “Built for lead slingers who don’t believe in excuses OR participation awards”. C R I N G E 😬.

Um so like are you fellas defending your legacy or are you a bunch of cuck snowflake entitled pansies that proLLy voted for Hitlery?  (I feel like the essence of my made up outro must have been in at at least one of the initial script drafts of these commercials 😂)


straight outta Israel:

Some people who just got into guns will be like “WHOA CRAZY” when the see pictures of this thing, but being a seasoned student of the gun internet since Al Gore invented it I can tell you that this is not surprising at all.  I actually am surprised that they didn’t come out with a flashy video to accompany the release of the gun… you know like showing how you can carry it unloaded then awkwardly pull it out and load it when you want to shoot (Israeli style).  Yoooo and horse stance 😭😂 I just remembered this wild post demoing that, where I called the dude Kosher Costa.  Good times good times.

I don’t see this SPIKE for sale on the Bul Armory website, but they do have a massive picture in the top slider calling it a special edition.  I can’t imagine and practical use for a 1911 with spikes…. well maybe one… if it jams in a CQB situation you can just stab someone with it 🤷‍♂️


Gat tip: mtfjeff


Ugh guys… I literally cannot:

This is what 1911 guys consider “good content”.  I bet he’ll tell you his 1911 LOOKS like it has a chrome finish, but actually doesn’t because of all the training he does with it.  “You clear the leather enough times with this bad boy i’ll tell you whut the finish shines right up.”



I post this type of video every now and then.  People sure lose a lot of stuff in rivers:

I started the video embed at the exact time he secures the bag (Future reference haha some of you might have caught).

4:44 – He pulls the gun out.  I’m absolutely flabbergasted that a 1911 was able to stay under water for presumably more than 10 seconds and not be a pile of rust.

9:38 – Will the police department really destroy the gun after 30 days if someone doesn’t claim it?  If so, that’s weak.  You think they would at least give the guy who went out of his way to report it, a couple days or so to pick it up if he wanted it.  At least he got to keep the watch for his trouble. I actually wouldn’t mind a watch like that for hiking. I was thinking about picking up a Suunto Core at some point for that… although it’s been kind of nice that this summer I didn’t get the ridiculous tan line I normally do when I wear a watch hiking.

For entertainment purposes I really wish that bag would have had 🍰🍰🍰% paraphernalia and patches all over it.  The kimber could have definitely used a punisher skull and some Molon Labe too for added humor.


Gat tip: Matthew


“We The People Edition”:

I like the look of it, but I see no reason to ever buy another 1911.  The sheephitters will love the battleworn looking finish.

I’m sure even at the MSRP of $1481, Sig will sell a lot of them.



ahhaha this is cringy:

0:28 – You’re definitely going to want to display this pistol somewhere in your home

0:30 – You’re going to want to bring it to the range to show it off to your buddies

0:36 – Oh wow SIG is so deep… they based the bronze finish off the bronze of the Spartan warrior shields

0:41 – “Molon Lave” hahah yea I get that it’s “Lave” not “Labe”, but like I said before I’m not greek… I see a B and I’m making a B sound.  And yes I get that it’s not a “B”, it just looks like one.