2 Chainz

On his little segment called “Most Expensivest Shit”:

Half you guys are going to be like “two who?”  Anyways, that aside he takes a look at some interesting stuff.

2:00 – Oh shit, Chainz molons the labe just like the rest of us.  Huh, who knew.

3:33 – ahahhahah “rich-ass white people” no kidding.

haha that dog of his is priceless.  I’m not so much into engraving unless it’s on some straight cartel shit… the hunting scenes though I give a hard pass.


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Rapper 2 Chainz For GQ’s “Most Expensivest Shit”:

Shit’s expensive, I’ll give them that.  I thought 2 Chainz would be more entertaining considering his lyrics are hilarious; he seemed kinda sedated in the vid.  Make sure you check out the GQ’s Most Expensivest Shit webpage to see all the ignorant stuff he takes a look at.  $1000 ice cream sundaes, $5000 toothbrushes etc…

2-ChainzI talked about the bullet proof suit maker Garrison Bespoke (out of Toronto, Canada) in the past. It’s a shame that kevlar is still what needs to be used. You just can’t get the drape and movement of a suit the same when the material is that thick and heavy.

Thoughts? Favorite 2 Chainz verse?


At least 2 Chainz has stellar trigger discipline.  Muzzle direction could use a bit of work though.


What you’re looking at is a twitter picture posted on Ice-T’s account from the set of his show Law and Order SVU, where 2 Chainz (a popular new rapper in case you didn’t know) is guest starring.

Sure they are almost definitely prop guns.  I’d rather see celebrities doing stupid shit like this that isn’t hurting anyone, over jumping on the gun control bandwagon.  I think Ice-T is at least one celebrity we don’t have to worry about as far as that goes… remember this vid?  I’m not sure what 2 Chainz stance on the 2nd Amendment and gun control is, but when asked what he wanted for his birthday he could have said any number of things (including firearms) but specified ONLY big booty hoes.  Not even ammunition 2 Chainz?  Oh well… there’s always next year.


Hat tip: Rick, Scott