.22 LR

Holy.  If you would have told me he could shoot back to back 200 round belts of .22LR with ZERO issues in that contraption, I would have bet money it would be impossible:

Wow… the brand is Lakeside Machine.  It says on the (terrible) website that they “sold out”, but in the video Dustin says they don’t make them anymore.  So quick!  It’s like one of those carney guns where you gotta shoot out the dot on the paper target.

I had a dick spider .22LR conversion using Black Dog Machine mags I couldn’t get more than a handful of shots off before there would be some type of issue with feeding etc..  I know that’s a completely different system, but I guess that’s why I’m so impressed that this more complicated one runs so well.



Hell yea!

Full story – WLWT Cincinnati 

school-girls-gunsOh wait… we’re not excited about this?  It was .22 LR even!  Bah… whatever.  4 year old Landon is doing to shake his head someday at this.

This story probably isn’t as getting much press as it would have if it would have been some cop killer bullets, RIP ammo, or .50 BMG which can take down airplanes.

A lot of people saying this this is probably a setup / hoax.  It really wouldn’t surprise me.  If there’s no scary gun story of the day / holiday, what better fix than to create one?  


Twice the stopping power!  :P


Source: Impact Guns

Is the Zip still a piece of shit, or are all the kinks ironed out?  I blogged about it a few times when it came out, then didn’t hear much about it again until Mattv2099 did his videos, the last one being where he put the spring upgrade kit in it and was actually able to put rounds through it without malfunctions.

Besides the fact the square design of the zip is kind of cool, I still think it’s a needless reinvention of the wheel… where the wheel is made more dangerous and not as functional in the process.



Smith & Wesson has a new gun and a new promo:

You can find out more about the M&P 22 Compact at their splash site. Looks like it retails for $389. I wonder how it does with cheap ammo?

Jerry-MiculekSure the video is crisp, but kind of a waste of time.

Doesn’t S&W own Jerry Miculek?  LOL Seriously though, why isn’t Jerry doing videos for them?  Yea I get it Jerry is old, but they can edit in a young guy shooting in his place in post production.

Do they expect #MAKEFUNFUNNER trend?  Or did the old guys in marketing hear about “the hashbrown tags” from their grandsons lately and decide to try it out?



For the Ruger Charger:

Interesting how even with 3D printers being relatively new, people are able to do this and have a working modern semi-automatic firearm.

I’m sure once more people get ahold of the 3D file for this, it will be a popular one.

3d-printed-ruger-charger-receiverTo bad .22 LR ammo couldn’t be printed, am I right guys? :P  That joke was seriously made dozens of times in the comments on each version of this video.

So much .22 LR available on this post though apparently.  I get emails from people weekly too, it’s mind boggling.



Demolition Ranch with some more redneck science:

Ranch-DressingI see this being the new national pass time for bad news youth in the hood this summer. Lucky .22 LR is hard to get. ;)

Like Ranch said, theoretically the bullet wouldn’t be traveling very fast at all since it’s not inside any sort of chamber or barrel. How about a Bic pen? That’s a lot stiffer the probably about the same diameter.