She pulled up in the black suburban behind 5% tint, with the pizza box thiCC windows never go down.. and the rest is history:

0:20 – The voldemortquartzen .22 is definitely a nice host.  I love how it’s so quiet you can hear the mechanical aspect of the gun and that’s basically it.

0:52 – Chia pet Little badger .22 break open is the quietest thing I’ve ever heard.

1:29 – ROFL 😂 as soon as the Savage 93R17 came on I thought to myself.. I 100% guarantee Savage got cyberbullied / e-guilted into changing their logo from the Indian head.  Naturally I had to check… yep chalk that up to a victory for the cyberbullies, they now are rocking a dumb looking jagged negative space S logo.  A short interesting history of the old logo on the Smithsonian website.. According to Savage Arms company history, its logo was the result of a deal in 1919. An Indian chief named Lame Deer negotiated a discount for rifles. In return he offered his tribe’s endorsement and an Indian-head logo.  Without getting into the weeds on this one, rolling up my sleeves and keyboard sleuthing maybe there was some recent drama with the same tribe that caused the rebranding?  I’m just speculating.  If you know, tell me in the comments. UPDATE: Appears they changed in Jan 2016. Bruthers in the Facebook comments were OUTRAGED.

also 1:29 – ME: 🗣 “AcKShULLY Miss, you should be wearing eye pro.”

2:04 – I love a 10/22 in any config, but when she folded the robot leg out and put BoOgeR HoOk To BaNg SwiTch I gasped.  I caught my breath then re-gasped when I saw she AGAIN wasn’t wearing any eye pro, and this one is auto 😫.  I had to be “that guy” and let her know in the comments.  UPDATE: they appear to have deleted my comment minutes after I posted it 😂.  BRB calling 1-800-SIL-ENCE and tearing the CMO (Chief Moderation Officer) of Silencerco youtube a new one.

2:30 – EHNNNNNNNNRE as they say in France.  Still no eye pro.  Damn, this girl is dangerous.

3:00 – The Meat & Potatoes 22.  We’re negative again for eye pro *bites nails nervously*.

3:30 – Calico same as the 8 cats she has at home (ok ok that was a joke, she doesn’t have cat girl vibes at all).  Cool lookin gun.  I’m losing my mind over here still at the lack of eye pro.  Literally shaking rn.

Thoughts?  I don’t know how strict you guys are on wearing eye pro when you shoot.. but for me I just 100% always wear it, just like I never ride anywhere without wearing a bike helmet.  I can hear the operators now “BrUH in a firefight you mean to tell me you’re going to be scrambling around looking for eye pro?  TRAIN LIKE YOU FIGHT.” 😏

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Mattv2099 is a sucker for punishment:

Zip-22LR-Weapons-System-2Everything about that gun just makes me cringe.  I love how it’s considered “impressive” when it can make it through a magazine LOL.

That thing is obviously pointless for any sort of self defense.  Range use only just seems frustrating and dangerous.  Lose-Lose situation if I’ve ever seen one.

As soon as he started sticking his KA-BAR all over and inside it, I was just thinking “Please Matt… don’t hurt yourself.  Just do yourself and the world a favor and toss that thing in the garbage before you get hurt.”

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


Mattv2099 is Steph Curry with the shot.  360 with the wrist:

haha at the crank trigger.  That’s legit.  Double feeds are so annoying though.  What if hypothetically you had a mechanical arm (lets say for medical reasons)?  Would you be violating ATF laws by cranking that trigger?

mattv2099-deagle-endoI think that tactical head would be cool if you stuck to small caliber rounds.  That shotgun made too much of a mess.



The deal is incredible if you need to stock up on .22LR.

$6.50 a brick (500 rounds) for Remington 40 gr. lead nose ammo which looks like it’s similar to Remington Thunderbolt … I don’t think .22LR has been that cheap since the 80s.  I want to know what the CMP gets it for, if they can sell it for that cheap and still make a profit.

In order to get that $65 deal you need to get your CMP affiliated shooting club to buy it for you (pay them back or something), otherwise it’s $90.

You can place your order at the bottom of the page – HERE

The description states that this ammo was made for a US military contract back in 1995.  I assume it was for training purposes back then.  Does the military still use .22LR for anything?

Hat tip: Eric P.



We had a little fun while trying to light matches with a bullet. Turns out, after we got all our fixturing dialed in, we were able to light multiple matches with a single bullet. A phantom high speed camera helps tell the story. Mythbusters only tried to light one match with a bullet, so we figured we might as well try to push the envelope. I’m sure Jamie and Adam have the budget and time to figure out the perfect curve to stack arrange all the bullets in to light all matches.

The gun of choice for them? The ubiquitous Ruger 10/22 (.22 LR)

Damn I love slow motion footage.


Try as they will, other cartridges will never be this cool:

The wiki page – HERE

A picture for comparison: