Oh Lawwwd this is going to be loud and bright:


Who hasn’t wanted a pocket pistol chambered in .223?  Oh nm… no one was asking for it.  We all want the .50 BMG pocket pistol Heizer is no doubt working on…. only to be trumped by the 20mm one which will follow.

I can’t wait to see a review, with gelatin testing.  I bet it’s unimpressive to the max.

Seriously Heizer… seriously?  This is your website?  *facepalm* get a better one; that shit is embarrassing. I thought GeoCities closed down?


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Taofledermaus grows silver crystals on a .223 Rem cartridge like a boss:

jackie-chan-mind-blownBorrow silver nitrate from someone, throw thousands of your .223 brass into the silver nitrate solution, scrape silver crystals off and…. profit?

Science.  I’m trying to hold some Platinum Nitrate.  I’ve been dreamin’ too long, too long, too long. I don’t like to dream about gettin’ paid.



Highjak86 with the .223 and .308:

Highjak86I love how wimpy .223 is compared to .308 … too bad .308 is so much more expensive to shoot.

Jordan is wearing the Tactical As _ _ _ _ t-shirt from ENDO Apparel up until 1:26 when he decides to gay it up and get 1/2 naked because it was “hot out”.  At least he didn’t get out the tactical shears and make daisy dukes out of those jeans.  haha just bugging you Jordan, you need a tan anyway… at least you’re an even blinding white and don’t have a farmer tan like I do though.



A catchy original song by FXhummel1:

You might recognize TheYankeeMarshal in the vid doing some funny stuff.  Choosing The Proper Concealed Carry Handgun is still my favorite video by him.

I really liked the quick cuts, and the different acted out scenes in this video… it spiced it up!

You can pick up a Run Guns T-shirt over at ENDO Apparel.



Result: The 60 and 100 round mags kick ass.

The length of these alone make it goofy to shoot prone (as shown at around 4:20 in the video, the soldier needs to use a side mounted red dot), not to mention could easily snag on pretty much anything.   Nevertheless, I want several of them!

More info in my previous post – HERE


  • More info at Defense Review – HERE

Pretty awesome looking, I want a 100 rounder just for kicks. Unfortunately they are not available yet, and there is no mention of them on SureFire’s own website yet either.

Seems like a decent idea because the biggest one has the same capacity same as the Beta C-Mag drums, is cheaper, and is in a more compact package with less components.

The quad stack magazine isn’t a new idea. There are some pictures of a rare AK version I posted about HERE.

I’m aware that there was some whisper a while back of a Magpul quad stack mag as well… Just vapor ware still though for that.