The real takeaway here is that he’s wearing my 22LR Is A Gateway Drug t-shirt.  I still think it’s wild that he doesn’t have any other job than YouTube / shooting, but after all it’s 2017… people do way more surprising stuff than that for a living.

1:50 – Talk about demonetization; YouTube earnings down 90%.  At least he doesn’t seem to really care that much though because he says YouTube isn’t his primary source of income.  He refuses to open up a Patreon account, which is definitely noble of him.  I’m guessing his primary source of income is the sponsorship deals he has then.  Solid of him to say to donate to his friends instead.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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It’s not lit… IT’S ON AND POPPIN MONICAS.  Trolling ensues:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-Apparel*smh* Mattv2099 is my spirit animal (I should put that on a patch haha).

2:45 – LOL niiiiiiice.  I love the smell of fresh popped .22LR.

4:07 – hahah popcorn + .22LR.  I can’t wait to see this combo.  “I hope a lot of you think it’s dangerous, because that’s how I get a lot of views on YouTube.”  <— I love the honesty in that statement.  Matt always keeps it 100.

5:51 – “We’re going to lock and load our ASSAULT POPAZINE popper and see what happens.”  hahahah that slayed me.

Matt needs to acquire a Popinator and fire .22LR out of it directly into the chamber of his firearms and shoot it.

If you haven’t already lost faith in human intelligence in whatever amount of time you’ve been on this earth so far, head over to a post I did in Feburary 2012 about a sale on .22LR ammo and read the comments.  People apparently have no idea how a blog works, or how links work, or how a sale works etc.  It’s actually quite concerning, frightening, and hilarious at the same time LOL.




Ruger-1022-with-zip-usfa-forend*shrug* seems to work well.  I’m really not a fan of widgets infiltrating any aspect of my life, unless they are completely necessary.  I see why some people might like this thing though for various reasons.

The price is definitely good at $22.50 … and the various magazine adapters for $6 each.   That’s nice to see.  Hopefully the plastic they make it out of is more durable than it looks.



Mattv2099 is a sucker for punishment:

Zip-22LR-Weapons-System-2Everything about that gun just makes me cringe.  I love how it’s considered “impressive” when it can make it through a magazine LOL.

That thing is obviously pointless for any sort of self defense.  Range use only just seems frustrating and dangerous.  Lose-Lose situation if I’ve ever seen one.

As soon as he started sticking his KA-BAR all over and inside it, I was just thinking “Please Matt… don’t hurt yourself.  Just do yourself and the world a favor and toss that thing in the garbage before you get hurt.”

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


22Plinkster developed a target to showcase his mad skills:

That’s actually a really great idea.  I don’t know if it’s $170 cool, but it’s definitely cool.  Seems like it works really well too.

Bullseye-Rimfire-Shooting-TargetAvailable over at Challenge Targets.  Now your next task is to find .22LR to shoot at it.

I think I’d prefer the centerfire version he mentioned toward the end of the video.  That would be awesome.



22Plinkster goes where lots have before:

True to his name with a .22 LR of course.  Definitely should try again with .50 BMG or 20mm. :P

Ohhhh shit he could have got $200 cash back for that scope from Leica if he wanted a new Leica ERi scope.

22plinkster-YouTubeHe is one of the few guys I wouldn’t scoff at and be like “might have shot a bit off center!”… it’s like, no… he could have put it dead center from 10x that distance.