22Plinkster developed a target to showcase his mad skills:

That’s actually a really great idea.  I don’t know if it’s $170 cool, but it’s definitely cool.  Seems like it works really well too.

Bullseye-Rimfire-Shooting-TargetAvailable over at Challenge Targets.  Now your next task is to find .22LR to shoot at it.

I think I’d prefer the centerfire version he mentioned toward the end of the video.  That would be awesome.



22Plinkster goes where lots have before:

True to his name with a .22 LR of course.  Definitely should try again with .50 BMG or 20mm. :P

Ohhhh shit he could have got $200 cash back for that scope from Leica if he wanted a new Leica ERi scope.

22plinkster-YouTubeHe is one of the few guys I wouldn’t scoff at and be like “might have shot a bit off center!”… it’s like, no… he could have put it dead center from 10x that distance.



22Plinkster was pissed off at Justin’s recent antics so he lashed out:

55 CDs.  .22LR does some damage, real talk.  That would have been cool to see in Richard Ryan brand slow motion.

22plinkster-YouTubeIf you’re looking for .22 LR Ammunition click the link and read the post then the comments.  Apparently ENDO is an undiscovered trove of .22 LR… I get emails a few times a week about the .22 ammo I’m selling too.  haha oh man.



Mattv2099 got bored of RHMB’ing food so he’s turning up:

I wonder if Matt obtained his .22 LR from someone in the comments on this post?  Probably… that’s where all the best .22 LR is being sold for record low prices lately.

Mattv2099-RHMB-Safety-GogglesLOL 0:45 – Ballistic ski goggles and ballistic hardhat no doubt.

The anticipation of it cooking the round(s) off is like waiting for a balloon to pop.  Seems dangerous, but what do I know I’m not a troll ballistics expert like MV2099.

Matt is wearing the AR-15 picatinny rail t-Shirt from ENDO Apparel.  Not bulletproof, but you’ll at least die looking like a prince.

Thoughts?  Was I the only one hoping he was going to pour the whole container of .22LR onto the RHMB?


Mattv2099 working out the menu for his upcoming gun related restaurant:

Mattv2099-ENDO-Trollture-TrollingThat batter looked good… reminds me I need to make crepes again soon.  After seeing the video I likely won’t put .22 LR in them though… maybe I’ll try .50 BMG.  I figure since it’s centerfire it must be safer.

He got some good camera angles!  That’s A LOT of hot oil flying everywhere.  Glad he came out unscathed.

Was anyone else surprised at the results?


Mattv2099 puts in the recoil spring upgrade kit and tests it out:

WOW!  4 full magazines… I’m seriously impressed considering it couldn’t even get through 3 shots in his previous tests without jamming.

I still cringe every time I see someone charge one of these things… what an “interesting” design.

Mattv2099-Standard-302:45 –  Matt has a girl there with him *DAT SHADOW*.  When’s she going to be operating in video operations Matt?  I’m assuming she likes Glock brand Glocks?  Hopefully.

Thoughts?  Would operate with a Zip gun?  Even get a few tax stamps to mount them all around your AR15 quadrail?