A compilation reel of some guys that keep it real:

Damn I had not heard of most of them!  Here’s the list:

Highjak86Thoughts?  Would operate with?


If you didn’t already know, February is black history month:

Black-Powder-Black-PowerIncredible how messed up things used to be here.  

4:22 – Maaaaaannnnnn California even sucked in the past for gun rights.  Only trying to keep just the black man down back then though… now California is all about equal opportunity no-right-to-bear-arms.  How progressive.



The 2nd Amendment is outdated, 30 “bullet” magazines are crazy etc…

I get so angry, that I almost wish bad things upon those people (gun owners).  But I don’t have to because it seems they happen anyway. -Eddie Vedder

Cool story bro.

Pearl-Jam-Skull-LogoPearl Jam was great back in the 90s when they came out.  Eddie should stick to singing and playing the guitar and trying to squeeze some more cash out of the fan base who made him popular.



MrColionNoir takes it down 3 buttons, and spits that 2A flava in our ears:

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOPeople be like RKBA ROFL.

It would be ironic if everyone who thinks the 2nd Amendment is outdated gets a taste of police response time to a serious incident where guns are needed.  Although, even that doesn’t help a lot of them… Take Colin “The Professional Victim” Goddard for example.



A new cartoon about the constitution, with this particular episode about the 2nd amendment:

constitutionLOL surprisingly good.  If you can’t take jokes poking at gun owner stereotypes, and don’t like SouthPark style humor you’re not going to find it funny though.

If you click through to the Fox Bros. Studios YouTube channel there are two more Conrad vids up, one on the 2012 election and one one drones. They are both hilarious.



Probably the stupidest idea I’ve seen in a while:


The original vision behind 2ABill.com was to promote support of the Second Amendment by rubber-stamping a stack of $2-bills and using them as tip-currency in everyday life (cafe, coffeehouse, barber, restaurant) knowing that folks would likely be caught off guard by the not-so-common denomination AND including a stamped-on reference to the Second Amendment. Our hope is that people will be drawn into conversation about why upholding our Second Amendment rights is an important conversation to have!

Yea you buy a retarded little rubber stamp from this company, and then you can deface all the $2 bills that pass through your hands in the name of the 2nd Amendment.  If advertising on money was actually legal, every shady little company under the sun would start this ignorant guerrilla marketing practice, because it’s basically free.  I like my dead presidents (when I use them) crispy and untainted, thank you.  Can you imagine the hassle if every bill you tried to spend had multiple stamps on it?  It would be a nightmare from a counterfeit detection standpoint alone.

2nd-Amendment-Money-Currency-Bill-Stamp-2AI love how they have that little “We don’t encourage defacing U.S. currency” blurb at the bottom of the page I linked.  *facepalm*  ‘MERICA!