2nd amendment

Lawyer William Harwood ūü󣬆speaks on something that has been rehashed 10million times:

3:53 – “the court explained that the 2nd amendment was designed to protect state militia… and as state militia were out of vogue in the 20th century, the continued relevance of the 2nd amendment became highly questionable.” How come there wasn’t at least one “BOOOOOOO” from the audience for that one.¬† Oh are TEDx talks classy?¬† Whoops.

6:20 – I wonder what Charlton Heston would think of the NRA today?¬† Probably not much… putting another nail in the NRA coffin today by not fighting the bump stock ban which officially happened today.

9:30 – Talking about what he says the Supreme court Heller decision “essentially” says.

Ugh… here are his views summed up:

11:52 – “It is my hope, that when the limitations on the Second Amendment are understood.¬† The 2nd amendment will no longer be an impediment to the passage of reasonable and common sense gun laws.¬† And when that occurs the people of the United States, through their elected representatives will be able to join the rest of the civilized world where guns are carefully and thoughtfully regulated in order to keep us safe from gun violence”

Ok so yea basically let criminals run amok, and screw everyone else… cool story bro.


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Interesting / nicely done videos:

These 45snipers YouTube guys have talent.¬† Are there 45 spinpers?¬† Or are they sniping with .45?ūü§Ē¬†I mentioned before that I might rebrand as a 2nd Amendment DJ (playing only the most fire pro-second amendment hits)… I could picture these videos being projected on the grimy brick walls in the warehouses I throw the pro-2A parties in.¬† I would just pick random locations all over the USA (the world once it gains popularity), touch down in the private jet and send up the bat signal on social media for everyone to come thru.¬† I’d likely just do it for sport; there would be a small cover charge I would use to buy guns to give aways, and the parties would include unlimited alcohol from incredible sponsorship deals I no doubt secured.

I really need to give my DJ intro / hype adlib sounds some thought.¬† It definitely will include automatic gunfire and the brand name. Maybe “ENDO LET THESE *auto gun fire sounds* KNOW MAN” *crazy hard beat drops over violin riff* “TURN UP” *sound of brass hitting concrete*.



She’s treading boys:

I see what she’s trying to accomplish and get some laughs, but meh I’ve seen a lot funnier anti-gun rants. ¬†Doesn’t make me want to watch the special if that’s the best she could come up with. ¬†It seems to me that the the best way to make quality jokes about something is to actually KNOW that something you’re making jokes about… not just google a few gun rights talking points and mention them in a flabbergasted tone.



The 2nd Amendment is apparently still up for debate:

These types of videos were popular a while back… you know, when Obama was going to mandate¬†door to door gun confiscations¬†( Õ°¬į Õú Ė Õ°¬į).

2:04 – Gasp… how triggered are some people going to be about the “Militia meaning all white males between the ages of 18 and 45”


Gat tip: Bryan


These upstanding ambassadors of the 2nd Amendment having some fun in the woods:

kind-sirGlock, Deagle brand Deagle, shorty AK bumpfires, AR-15…. ¬†Pretty standard, nothing to see here guys LOL.

hahah damn that’s a lot of ammo 100% wasted. ¬†Shooting at water isn’t the smartest either, for ricochet reasons.


Gat tip: Anthony


Cool story from this 65 year old judge bro:

Nikki-Turpeaux‚ÄúIf I could I would take all the guns in America, put them on big barges, and go dump them in the ocean. ¬†Nobody would have a gun. Not police, not security, not anybody. We should eliminate all of them. We could save 33,000 people a year if we didn‚Äôt have guns in this country.‚ÄĚ ¬†then he goes on to spout the usual standard bullshit about how Australia is so great since the Port Arthur massacre and subsequent confiscation, and¬†how no one one has a reason to have guns.

People who make comments like this are pretty much a complete waste of time.  I thought judges were supposed to be smart?