.300 BLK


Yikes ūüė¨.¬† Hope everything is still ok with whoever pulled the trigger on that one.

Turned that round into a dirty golf pencil .

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haha this guy. They said he shouldn’t… but he did it anyways:

I bet that thing shoots a nice fireball with that barrel length.

1:37 – Oh man the suppressor on the end… epic.


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Silencerco now has their own sub-sonic line of ammo:

Silencerco-Harvester-AmmunitionDo they make it themselves or does a large ammo manufacture make it to their specs, and they just re-brand it? ¬†I don’t know… what I do know is that the cost v.s.¬†operational benefits of this ammo is likely alright.

I like the branding, and I like the video. $30 for a 20 round box over at Silencerco.

I haven’t been keeping on top of .300 BLK… but has it reached “MUST HAVE” status yet? ¬†I initially was under the impression that it was cool and all but you mainly just got it because it was brand new, and if your disposable income allowed you’d buy a rifle chambered in it to stunt on all your poor friends. Naturally you’d then constantly recite the advantages of the round, letting them know what they are missing out on. Later though you’d feel like an idiot after you guys went hunting and to the range a few times together and your groups / confirmed kills were not as nice as theirs.


Richard Ryan takes a look in his signature slow-mo way:

If you don’t remember the original 9mm R.I.P. Ammunition, hit up that post for a refresh. ¬†It’s scary looking stuff but proven not that great.

I would NOT want to get hit with a round of that. ¬†Hell I don’t want to get hit with .22 LR either.

300-blackout-AAC-Ammunition-Ammo-RIPIf you check out Richard’s other channel YouTube.com/GUNS he shoots Cheetos, Cookie dough, a pineapple and some other random stuff for lulz with the ammo.

Richard is wearing the California No Right To Bear Arms shirt from ENDO Apparel.



Remember the handgun R.I.P. ammo?  This .300 Blackout is for ripping bigger thangs a new one:


Looks deadly… hopefully it doesn’t suck like the handgun R.I.P. ammo was shown to in testing.

I can’t wait for G2 Research (the company who makes this) gets everyone’s panties in a knot with the inevitable promo video,¬†where they kill 65 elephants lined up in a row with ONE SHOT FROM A .300 BLK R.I.P. round.¬†

Thoughts? ¬†Would operate with? ¬†Wouldn’t operate without?

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