This thing is crazy… I want one:

Flesh colored custom ear plugs?  Or good old fashioned stupidity?  I had 720p on and couldn’t distinctively spot “ear hole” so i’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

What’s with the location he’s carrying his 1911 at?  That looks real awkward.



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Well maybe not a battle rifle.. more like an “Impress People with all your disposable income” rifle:

You can check out more pics and info over at NEMO Arms.  Damn I love the look of Titanium.

The barrel and a few other components are still stainless steel.  Titanium is almost twice as heavy as Aluminum and way more difficult to machine. Like he said in the video, it’s to showcase their machining capabilities (and to no doubt get a buzz going around the internet).

NEMO arms will be at the NRA annual meeting today, so if you’re going you can check it out.


Hat tip: Jerry


Yesterday morning was so nice, I thought I would go to the range for a few hours. I packed one of my AR-15s and my three Glocks up and headed out on the 45 minute drive.

Being a weekday morning there was only one old guy and me.  He actually had 4 AR-15s there with him (and nothing else) which was surprising to me considering he was probably in his 70s.  We talked for a bit about our rifles and accessories, and how he was having problems maintaining zero on some piece of crap eBay carry handle scope mount he had recently purchased.

After shooting for a while, we were both down range checking our targets and 3 guys around my age (late 20s) showed up.  My immediate thought was *cool, some guys to shoot with.. maybe we can get a friendly competition going or something* like I’ve done with some guys I’ve met there in the past. Anyways, i’m walking back towards the benches straight up the middle of the range and I see one of the young guys unpacking some of his stuff, at this point i’m about 25 yards away.  He proceeds to pull a Remington 700 SPS Tactical (See picture below) out of a case, set it on the middle bench right infront of me (I’m about 10 yards away at this point)…  This assclown has his hands all over the gun and starts quickly working the bolt back and forth 3-4 times while it’s pointed directly at my chest.

W T F?

I duck out to the side as this is happening and in an irritated voice say to him “You couldn’t have waited 5 seconds to do that?” and shake my head. No apology or anything, he immediately goes into tough guy mode and says something to his other friend about how I gave him shit… then the 3rd friend asks what happened and I see them shaking their head in disgust at me.  With a fresh target taped up, I decided to leave at that point and head over the handgun range where my chance of getting shot would be zero.

Here was his rifle; the Remington 700 SPS Tactical.  I didn’t notice if it was .223 or .308, but at 10 yards if an negligent discharge (ND) were to have occurred, needless to say no matter which caliber it was, my last breath would have likely contained pieces of my heart, lung, and ribcage.

For those that don’t know.. the most popular meaning of the term assclown according to Urban Dictionary is:

Sounds pretty accurate.

Do you guys have any similar stories to share?


Hopefully this was just done temporarily as “proof of concept”:

Looks like .308 for everything but the one through the nose, which appears to be 7.62×39

Look how much his ear lobes are stretched too.   He should have went all the way and put some 37mm (grenade! :P) rounds through them!

Definitely not a look you would catch me sporting.