My dude Royal Nonesuch a.k.a. Royal Serbu, a.k.a. Yung Homebrew, a.k.a. DIY Richie with his most professional build yet:

Royal-Nonesuch-Eye-PatchThat thing is looking 100.  Valerie Serbu must be rubbing off on him.  Oh shit he even has proper earpro!  Eyepro ehhhhhhh.  Better than nothing I suppose.

I really do miss his build videos, but his decision to stop making them was probably for the best.  He was telling me all the sketchy things people were coming at him with in DMs and email… I would have popped smoke and quit doing videos like that too.  This shit is supposed to be fun.


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Royal Nonesuch:

Royal-Nonesuch-357He mentioned in a previous video that he didn’t want to do “build videos” because of potential personal liability issues.  I hear that… smart thinking.   The part layout at the start doesn’t really tell you much, because those are all obvious external parts anyway.

<– Screen grab for posterity.  Proper ear pro (from 1925) AND eye pro!  Wow… all jokes aside I’m glad he’s finally doing that.

4:24 – “Now we wait the customary 20 minutes before we remove the barrel from the gun because the round could still be very hot and burn me when it comes out”  <— LOL trollin trollin trollin.

Like he said, looks like it will be a fun gun to play around with.


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