360 degree

I’m still trying to decide what tier of operator this is catering to:

0:05 – “Hi I’m blonde, have a low cut shirt, great teeth, a pony tail, and aviators.. I’ll be distracting you for the next 4.5 minutes”

0:17 – LOL I’m already starting to see why you’d need a rotating rail if you mount a damn handgun on your rail.  *smh* remember the post I did about that a while back?  Shit is out of control…

0:51 – Not sure why all this couldn’t be taken care of with a canted mount… but whatevs.

2:08 – hahah taser pulled from the rail mounted derp holster to knock that guy off the folding chair, then engage a target down range.  That would make a great animated gif.

3:45 – I wish I had a white Tahoe I didn’t give a shit about which I could pepper with brass damage.  “Nah baby, that’s not from rocks on the highway… I operate so hard, that’s all from ejecting brass.”

No tactical gyroscopic beer holder? Weaksauce.

For the operations I operate in, I can’t say I’ve ever wished my rail rotated 360 degrees.  Actually that’s a lie… I’ve always wanted a motorized 360 degree rotating rail with blades on it for CQB.  Even guns mounted facing outwards which sprayed bullets as the rail was rotating would be acceptable.

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackHead over to Ballista Tactical to pick one up for $200 if you’re interested.  Why that page looks like it’s trying to sell you a book on how to get rich and retire off penny stocks I have no idea.


Hat tip: Van


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