File this one under “Yikes”:

Of course the dude is in the IG comments being “not mad” and thanking everyone for the new followers.  Standard procedure when you’re BIG MAD people are making fun of your video.

Thoughts?  Have you fellas reached this level of “train like you fight” yet?  Ahhh.. nm, you’re just not getting in this advanced of gunfights, I get it.

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Break-ups to Make-ups, Mattv2099 has it covered:

I had to laugh at the “From Nick To Ashley” part.  My main question is… did Ashley break up with Nick, and this is some sort of creepy / threatening message he’s trying to send her?  I hope not, I doubt that will end well for him.

Oh and check this Method Man track if you didn’t get the reference in the heading.  D’Angelo on the hook OOOOOOOooooowwwwweeeee.

Good to have you back Matt.  I thought that girlfriend had you on house arrest, tactical ankle bracelet and all. Any 720 degree (and more) no-scope plans for the future?

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Hell yea! Nice mix of weaponry in that vid too… including what looks like a Sterling Mk4.


Remember the Banned XBOX 360 Ad Involving ‘Hand’ Guns?

Well someone added muzzle flashes, explosions, and gore:


Really took away its innocence.  haha



I like the concept a lot.

Hat Tip: KWP


Aukland, New Zealand – A marketing stunt to promote the video game Splinter Cell Conviction, sparked an armed police callout after an actor with bandanges on his hands pointed a gun at terrified pubgoers in Auckland’s Viaduct Basin.

About 20 people drinking outside Degree bar dove for cover after the promotions worker threatened them with a black imitation pistol about 8pm on Friday.  Senior Sergeant Ben Offner said officers could not tell the gun was made of plastic until they had taken it from the actor.

Full Story – HERE

You can order Splinter Cell Conviction – HERE

I wish someone would have recorded this on their cellphone camera or something… It would have been interesting to see the realism.

I could see things ending up a lot worse in the U.S. considering the amount of people that could be in armed in the vicinity.