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G17 MI-LF (Modular Integrations – Long Frame), you love to see it:

Booligan Shooting Sports is one of my top 5 favorite 3d2A guys.  He’s always pushing the envelope with cool projects.

For some reason my little pea brain thought that only Microtec made OTF knives (they start at about $300).  The “Lightening Elite” brand he mentions in the video is about $30, and I see a lot of OTF knives on Amazon around the same price too which would probably work.

The printed collection on that pegboard wall behind him looks so good.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This is cool, these guys developed a 3D printed AK-47 receiver that actually works well:

Their company is DNO Firearms.  A long torture test video, where they shoot it to failure (397 rounds 😲):

4:03 – Transition to pistol!  haha… seems like a feature to me.

From the video description:

This 3d printed receiver held up to 397 shots. The original video has the first 30 rounds and this video shows 367 more. The video is long and I tried to keep it as short as possible but in order to show the full round count it had to be this way. If you would like to skip ahead to see the final failure it’s @ 16:50 and you can see the upper disassembly @ 21:27

Filament used for receiver : https://amzn.to/2K8zYsT

Cheap practice filament: https://amzn.to/2K6i1Lp

3D Printer: https://amzn.to/2SX8jxv

This 3d printed gun thing is going to keep getting more and more interesting.  It’s too bad Cody Wilson can’t touch guns for the next 7 years (😬😬😬), because he was also doing a lot of interesting stuff with Defense Distributed.

Brandon made up a video talking about this receiver, and why his own version failed.



My mind’s telling me no… MY BODY… MY BODY’s telling me yes:

The creator James Patrick sent this through to me… I read it over and you know I had to start up some R. Kelly to write this post to set the tone.


The details:

This is a gun made from printed plastic, some rubber, and a nail and the thing actually works! FP printed two barrels. The first is my design, completely plastic which lasted three rounds before a casing got stuck in the chamber. The second barrel was modified to accept a steel chamber insert. That second barrel lasted 15 rounds and then ruptured just forward of the chamber insert, with no injury to the operator (barrel was ejected to the left). But the important thing to take away from the test is that a printed barrel of just 22mm diameter can take the pressure of a .22LR cartridge as long as the barrel is held in compression. No more giant barrels to compensate for the low adhesion between printed layers! That’s a serious step forward in printed firearm technology.

All 3D printed except for a roofing nail for the firing pin, and some used condoms for springs.  Double barrel FTW!!!

Damn that’s too bad it only shoots the rarest ammo on earth atm :P

3d-printed-handgun-songbirdJames calls this design “The Songbird”… tons more pics over on his website, and his contact info if you want to badger him with questions.  He did this in conjunction with FOSSCAD, a cool open source CAD community you should check out if you’re not familiar.

I like where this 3d printing of guns thing is headed.  I bet 5 years from now we’re going to look back and be like wow look how far this has all come.

Thoughts?  Would prophylacticly operate with?



There is so much gasping going around that you can “OMG 3D print a gun”.  Then people go and do shit like this:

A few rounds and it breaks? *yawn* color me un-surprised.  You can check out the full fail breakdown over at Defense Distributed.

I don’t consider myself an expert on the topic of 3D printing, but I have got prototypes made using numerous materials and numerous methods over the years.  3D printing in titanium, cobalt, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum etc.. have been available for a while, many of which are extremely strong.  People have built everything from impellers to implants using the technology, so making a reliable AR-15 lower using these methods would be child’s play.  Granted, it’s not affordable right now for the average person to print metal at home but you can believe that will be coming.

If guns are ever banned the United States is going to have the most badass type Khyber Pass type gun markets popping up, but instead of half blind people missing fingers making guns by hand with 100 year old tools, you’ll buy your guns from good looking dudes with great hair that kick it in suits all day chilling in high rise condos with a few 3D metal printers.  They will no doubt also have female models answer the phones and greet clients.  My usual whiskey sour while I wait? Sure Rebecca, thanks for asking.