Confusing, but likely worth one minute of your time:

1911 fanboy panties are going to get knotted up that some of the textures used have rust in them! LOL.  Accurate, from my experience not cleaning my Springfield Loaded when I owned it.  Guess how much pitting and rust my Glocks have? (Hope you’ve been practicing your *gasp* face) No rust or pitting at all.

There appears to be a few inconsistencies, some of which I argued with a friend on… 0:21 seconds for instance looks too deep to be a crimp… he says not.  Whateves… the video is cool anyway, I just hope there’s a less artsy version released.

Double-Barrel-1911-1Thoughts?  Requests for a 3D look inside a Deagle brand Deagle?

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Not For those with a weak stomach. Everyone else, fire up in 1080p:

The trailer if you haven’t already seen it:

This movie is in theaters now, and from what I’m told it sounds like it’s really badass.

Good use of La Roux – In For The Kill in the trailer video.

Anyone else want to throw a confirmation of badassness in?

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  • If you have 3D glasses, check out the 3D version – HERE

The dog laughing is the best part.

Incredibly bad acting, and incredibly corny… still worth a watch though to see the old Nintendo accessories in action.


Black Ops will deliver 3-D on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in addition to Windows PCs that use 3-D-capable video cards from Nvidia.

Full Story – HERE

Release Date: November 9th

Available for pre-order at Amazon ($59.99) – HERE

Maybe i’m getting old, but even playing Bond on the Wii (where the screen is always jerking around when you move your hand slightly) made me nauseous. I’ll probably puke for sure when playing something similar like this in 3D.

The video is done for 3D stereoscopic glasses (red blue). The final game will likely use the more expensive type of glasses that come with 3D TVs. Which reminds me, I haven’t had a pair of those red/blue glasses since I quit buying comic books and cereal.



Looks pretty good!

It would be probably good to have the program pop up some optional warnings about how at certain parts of the disassembly process (in most of the guns) you need to be careful that a loaded spring doesn’t fly out and hit you in the eye.

I noticed during the Glock disassembly the guide rod spring can be removed.  While there are non-captive guide rod/spring combos you can buy aftermarket… the factory Glock guide rod has a captive spring. There are probably some other minor errors, but chances are it’s mostly kids that are going to be buying the app to show their friends… so I guess it doesn’t really matter THAT much.

It can be bought on iTunes (HERE).  Be careful though on how much you want to spend because although the app is listed at 99 cents according to one reviewer that only includes 2 of the guns. Each additional gun is another 99 cents each.

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Download the files to make your own – HERE

I’d like to know what rapid prototyping service anyone that makes this uses.  From my experience getting parts printed, a rough estimate on this cost of this particular project I’d say would be no less than $300, probably closer to $400. I assume printing it yourself on a Makerbot (pictured in the background of the picture) is exponentially cheaper.

I can’t say that I am impressed with the design itself, and I really don’t think holding a gun shaped object up to your head to talk on the phone is the best way to keep a low profile and not attract unwanted attention.