Fellow blogger “Huey’s Gunsight” caught this (and more) on a recent visit to a country fair:

Went to the local county fair last weekend (Delaware County, Ohio) and had a chance to check out more than just fair food and midway attractions.  Stopped off in one the exhibit halls and got to check out some of the 4-H projects kids had done this year.  I was (happily) surprised at the number of entries under firearms and firearm safety.  Better yet, 99.9% of the kids got the info right and are apparently being taught correctly how to respect, use and, most importantly, enjoy the recreational use of firearms.

Lots more pictures over at his blog – HERE

Hard data, facts, and even graphs? *single tear*

I know 4-H is a country thing… but I still have hope because some of these kids will move to the city, marry a city girl and have city kids which will hopefully grow up like this.

Any stories about your son/daughter doing a project on firearms?  Was it well received?


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