Uh, for you know… science:

For science and the culture.  The results were as expected, considering lego heads weigh basically nothing.

Everyone started jumping on this “Lego head .40” trend after some guy initially figured out the heads fit perfectly in .40 brass.

The pic I used in the article is from Solscud, the same guy who made the video above.



Relax and take notes:

DIY-Bullet-EarphonesDamn that’s what I call using a drill to its max potential!

I have a pair of Munitio 9mm earphones which the company gave me, which I’m still using daily (I LOVE them).  For those on a budget though, and want to make a bunch of pairs up for friends it might be worth buying all the sandpaper and getting your hands dirty with this DIY.


Hat tip: Brent, Jim


Tactical Tunes no longer has writers block… or dancers block apparently either LOL:

hahah sweet wig and killer dance moves.  I briefly had a G22 (.40), and I didn’t care much for it compared to my 9mm and my .45.  I decided at the time, the only thing cool about .40 it was I used to snag brass the cops left behind at the police range I shot at.  In the end I never did reload it, but I had a lot of it which I gave to a friend a while after I sold the G22.

Fxhummel1-556x45mmDepending on who you talk to, .40 is definitely the “god caliber”.  haha I don’t know about that though.

A lot of ENDO Apparel shirts in this vid, FXHummel / Tactical Tunes has always been a huge supporter of the brand and it’s much appreciated.



Story time with Buck Yeager:

When I see Buck Yeager video titles like this “.40s suck” one I roll my eyes.  Poking the beehive makes him rich though so I suppose he will continue to do it.

He’s convinced himself his reasons to not like .40 caliber are valid though, so good for him.  I’ll agree with him on the fact .40 is harder to shoot than 9mm or .45… in the short time I owned a G22 I noticed that immediately.

The 1986 Miami shootout story he told about the reason the FBI switched to 10mm, and not .45 was interesting.



Definitely consulted a journalists guide to firearm identification:

It blows my mind how careless both the print and TV media are.

With social media being so prevalent now they might be learning some embarrassing lessons finally.  They have since removed the picture and issued the following correction statement:

A picture on Tuesday with an article about the weapons used in the Aurora, Colo., shooting was published in error. It showed a Les Baer .45 — not a Glock .40-caliber semiautomatic pistol, which was used in the shooting.

To make things worse, the article’s author James Dao is actually in charge of military and veterans affairs for the NYT national desk, and co-editor of the NYT military affairs blog “At War”.  How are these people getting promoted to jobs where they have no knowledge of the subject matter?  Even if you type “.40 Caliber Glock” into Google images, almost ALL of the pictures are actually of Glocks (unsurprisingly)… I don’t know how he managed to find a 1911 and call it a Glock if Google images is what he presumably used.


Hat tip: Spader


The gun store guys are at it again with the conversions:

If you remember a few weeks ago I posted the $169 .40 to 10mm Handgun Hi-Point Conversion they did.  This Carbine seems to run every bit as well.

If you need a carbine and don’t want to break the bank this might be a good option.  Maybe it’s the price point, but something makes me uneasy about modifying $169-$315 guns to shoot higher pressure rounds.  The gun store guys are known for their hi-point torture tests, which proves they are very resilient.  I just don’t know if I can get over that in my mind though.