I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… “Nonesuch in the cut, that’s a scary sight”:

0:24 – Oh wow, hell froze over; he’s wearing eye and ear protection.  Even some hand protection if you want to count to fox riding gloves. Did his mom insist? Does he have a new girlfriend who cares about him and is concerned for his safety? Inquiring minds need to know. Happy my former future step-son is taking the precautions now.

My initial thought when I saw the video was “Oh shit, that’s Hillary Clinton’s INNAWOODS fleece!”.  You know the one I’m talking about, when she lost the election and people kept seeing in in the woods hiking around with her thoughts.  Further research (see post thumbnail) reveals that although the coloring is similar, the pattern is different.  Disappointing to say the least :P

Royal’s plug for barrels is some dude named “Central Firearms” on eBay.  I didn’t think people still used eBay, but this guy has a 100% feedback count of 2188 so I’m guessing he’s alright.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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The gun store guys give it a try:

Interesting.  I wish everyone that did this type of thing had a high speed camera.

They go off on a pretty big tangent about cut shells for a bit, but the DIY for the arrow rounds at 6:34 is worth watching to see what they did.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys ever do something similar?



The latest in mall cop defense:

CSG AOW .410 companion mag-3 d cell light/ flashlight gun….. new release ….. a joint project from csg and asi —- a new updated version of the .410 mag type flashlight firearm……. these units have an all steel fire control, barrel and chamber assembly…. the fire control unit screws into the flashlight body and allows use of a .410 shot shell that fires from the bottom cap and with this removeable assembly allows for simple flashlight battery replacement…. the steel barrel/chamber assembly then screws into the fire control housing to make for a lifetime use unit…. the older types screwed steel into aluminum which in short order would wear the soft metal threads and render the firearm useless and un-repairable…..superior manufacturing & design – flashlight is still operational —– very cool – truly a “last chance” back-up defensive weapon…. for a compact top quality back up .410 aow and flashlight the csg companion .410 is it. $895

I can see it now… mall cop tries to kick teenagers out of parkade where they are causing trouble; teenagers tell the mall cop to take a hike.  Mall cop blasts a hole in one of their skateboards with some flashlight .410 goodness. u mad?

Source – Autoweapons.com

Autoweapons always has some cool stuff… too bad they use only capital letters like they are going out of style, and have less respect for grammar and punctuation than I do.


4ga sure looks menacing!

More on Shotgun Shells at the Wiki – HERE