.45 ACP

Royal Nonesuch is back at it.  Here’s a look at the inner workings of the build:

The test fire:

LOL I love how he just does it out in front of his garage.

The best thing ever is that he has his manufacturing license.   His semi-auto builds were epic and all, but seeing them in AUTO with suppressors and everything is a whole other level.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Looks like pea shooters aren’t for men:

Pint sized pistols will GET U KILT IN THE STREETS.

1:43 – LOL -15 points for a 9mm?  “Women or Europeans may appreciate the lighter kick” LOL I’m deceased.

Yo Lucky Gunner is crazy for this one.  Nice work.  See how I threw them the link juice there.  Hopefully all 5 people that visit this blog on a regular basis (not including my mom and dad), click through and buy some ammo.


Mrahhhhhhhhhh the stopping power of muh four-d-five:

Yea that’s basically what the “.45 or die” guys think a head shot looks like. LOL

Thoughts?  Oh important question: Do you only carry a .45 because they don’t make a .46? ha ha haaaaa


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… “Nonesuch in the cut, that’s a scary sight”:

0:24 – Oh wow, hell froze over; he’s wearing eye and ear protection.  Even some hand protection if you want to count to fox riding gloves. Did his mom insist? Does he have a new girlfriend who cares about him and is concerned for his safety? Inquiring minds need to know. Happy my former future step-son is taking the precautions now.

My initial thought when I saw the video was “Oh shit, that’s Hillary Clinton’s INNAWOODS fleece!”.  You know the one I’m talking about, when she lost the election and people kept seeing in in the woods hiking around with her thoughts.  Further research (see post thumbnail) reveals that although the coloring is similar, the pattern is different.  Disappointing to say the least :P

Royal’s plug for barrels is some dude named “Central Firearms” on eBay.  I didn’t think people still used eBay, but this guy has a 100% feedback count of 2188 so I’m guessing he’s alright.



LOL Ahoy killed it right out of the gate with this one:

Basically if you don’t at least respect the 1911, you should just gtfo. :P   BROWNING DID 1911… Ahoy knows.

I hope someday I’m just casually getting a coffee somewhere then all of the sudden I hear something like “Miss, I would like two earl grey donuts and a large Americano.  That absolutely remains my favorite” *in Ahoy voice*… that would be dope.  I’d probably see if he would record a new voicemail greeting for me.

P.S. It occurred to me that “Savage Arms” with the Native American logo is actually pretty damn racist (in theory anyway).  Was there some sort of Native American / Savage Arms truce I don’t know about?  Do Native American’s not care?  Do they care, but does Savage Arms not give a shit?  Do they get a pass for being founded in 1894?  That last one is my guess… but these are the questions on my mind tonight.  Someone fill me in if you know.

Gat tip: Adrian


Take a look if you’re a fan of Hickok and/or the gun:

I didn’t watch all 29 minutes worth, but I skipped through and as usual he connects with basically everything he shoots at, no matter what the distance is.

Hickok45-YoutubeSeemed kind of weird to see him hold the suppressor while shooting though.  I’m no suppressor guru, but I thought that was frowned upon for multiple reasons including the fact they normally get hot after several rounds.