The most tactical old man on the internet Jerry Miculek blew a stack on a 4k camera:

Jerry has NEVER lived in the no flex zone.  0:22 – On some fruit loops shit, Dude evidently copped a toucan just to stunt.

Jerry-MiculekIf Apple would get off their ass and actually release 4k displays, I’d be on that viewing level.  For now though I’ll slum it with 1080p.  Actually 1080p seems to stream better anyway… I don’t know what kind of connection you need to stream 4k, but seems like mine chokes when I try.

So based.  Thoughts?


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From the Panasonic GH4:

The video looks damn good to me.  haha @ those after effects though.

I posted this mainly because DigitalRev TV is an awesome YouTube channel for photography related videos.  The main guy on there was actually one of the primary reasons I bit the bullet and bought the Canon 60D camera a while back.  Definitely not something I regret.

AirsoftI can hardly wait until 4k monitors come way down in price, and preferably Apple releases a large 27″ or greater one.  That will likely push me to sell my iMacs and cop a Mac Pro.


Hat tip: Kurt