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The best April Fools joke this year:

Honestly I can’t stand April Fools day on the internet.  Most of the memes and marketing stunts companies pull are just low hanging fruit trash, and the social network feeds are FULL of the stuff for two days.  5.11 did a nice job on these patch pants though 😂..

If you guys remember, back in 2012 they did a “tactical duty kilt” as a joke.. then TONS of people wanted them so they ended up producing them.  They brought it back a couple more times after that.  I just checked their site and it looks like it now is a permanent fixture.   I have a feeling these morale patch pants are going to follow the same trend; people love gag stuff that is also functional and high enough quality to actually use regularly.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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LOL 5.11 / Ghost Recon:

Ya why not I guess. Haha man though, the operator / contractor stereotypes are off the charts in this video.  Even though I think 5.11’s marketing tactics are quite standard, evidently it’s working really well for them.



It started out as a April Fools joke and became a reality:

$60 over at 5.11.  It’s a pre-order right now, shipping September 1st. Order yours up today!

5.11 gave a ton of stuff away here on the blog a couple weeks ago… maybe they would want to give a few kilts away?  I’ll look into it if you guys are interested.

For the love of god wear some underwear underneath if you buy this.   No need to let the world know you operate in drafty operations.



Yesterday’s bonus 24 hour 5.11 Tactical giveaway was for a pair of sweet sunglasses and a carry case.

The random number generator over at Random.org says this person is best suited to look like an operator in these new shades:

#55359 – NikonMikon

And his entry comment:

block the brightness of the sun. (lol)

Congrats NikonMikon.  I’ll be contacting you shortly for your name/address.

There was a good mix of funny comments when you guys completed the sentence “I wear sunglasses to…”.  A lot of the ones I saw and laughed at had to do with either discreetly checking out girls, or taking your sunglasses off at Miami crime scenes before saying something witty.  Awesome stuff guys LOL.

Thanks again 5.11 Tactical!  You know who to come to next time you want to do some more giveaways.


5.11 Tactical was so pleased with the response from all you readers, they wanted to say THANK YOU by having one more giveaway.

Spring is here and summer is on its way. What better way to look like an operator when it’s hot out is a new pair of polarized sunglasses from 5.11.

The winner will receive their choice of ANY sunglasses from 5.11 and an Slick Stick Carry Case.

Here’s an example of a couple of the sweet shades you can choose from:

Burner Full Frame Polarized

  • Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003 & EN 166 (F) High Velocity Impact Safety & Optical Std.
  • Polarized Smoke lenses allow light transmission of 11%
  • TPR (thermoplastic rubber) nose bridge inserts securely keep sunglasses in place
  • 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • T-Shell™ coating for resistance to scratching, cracking, and crazing
  • Distortion free Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses
  • 10X more impact resistant than glass or resin lenses
  • Grilamid™ TR-90 high strength nylon frames – light weight & chemical/UV resistant
  • GSA-compliant

CAVU HF Half Frame Sunglasses

  • Half frame design includes three sets of lenses: Smoke, Ballistic Orange, and Clear
  • Plain Smoke lenses allow light transmission of 14%
  • Ballistic Orange lenses allow light transmission of 56%
  • Clear lenses allow light transmission of 90%
  • Gloss Black Grilamid™ TR-90 nylon frame with great peripheral vision
  • Distortion-free lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection and are scratch, crack, and craze-resistant
  • Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003 and EN 166 (F) High Velocity Impact Safety and Optical Standards
  • Soft TPR nose piece and temple inserts keep eyewear in place
  • Includes zippered compression molded protective case with SlickStick™ web platform attachment point, eyewear storage/cleaning bag, separate lens bag, and neck strap
  • Created in partnership with Wiley X® Eyewear, who designs and manufactures exclusive eyewear for 5.11 Tactical.
  • Imported from a GSA-compliant country.

Slick Stick Carry Case

  • 5.11 Tactical Eyewear Case with SlickStick™ attachment system.
  • Compression-molded nylon case is lined with soft lens-friendly lining.
  • Wraparound zipper makes it easy to access eyewear and other contents.
  • SlickStick attaches to web platform or can be slipped on pants or duty belt for added convenience.
  • Black

Be sure to check out 5.11’s full line of polo shirts, cargo pants, hiking boots, sunglasses, and flashlights.

Giveaway Rules:

  • You must be located in the U.S.
  • Don’t be a dick (this always applies) and enter the contest if you are just planning on selling the item if you win.

How to enter:

  • Just leave ONE comment on the post completing the sentence “I wear sunglasses to…”.  Don’t reply to anyone.  More than one comment will disqualify you.
  • Use a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.  Your email address will not be used for anything else but notifying you of a win.

The Draw:

  • At midnight tonight I’ll close the comments and generate a random number.  The number will correspond to the winner, who I will then contact for their mailing address.

Good luck!


Yesterday’s 24 hour 5.11 Tactical giveaway was for a pair of 5.11 tactical hiking boots and 2 pairs of tactical socks.

The person favored by the random.org number generator, to stomp around like a tactical operator boss next week is….

#54946 – JohnnyTToxic

And his entry comment:

Friday is the day I get the most and least amount of work done at the same time..

Congrats JohnnyTToxic.  I’ll be contacting you shortly for your name/address.

I’d like to once again thank 5.11 Tactical for hooking up all the great gear.  Also thank you to everyone that reads the blog, passes around links to it, and comments.  Without your support and participation these giveaways would have never happened.

Stay tuned for more giveaways.  I’m dangerously low on ENDO t-shirt stock right now, but will run some giveaways sooner or later on those once I re-up.

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend.