How long until we see Instructor Zero in these?

Honestly those look good, and I like their functionality. I always expect to “talk my shit” on tactical related fashion posts, but a lot of the stuff coming out lately looks pretty good.

1:17 – ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

1:23 – Oh shit!  That calf zipper is very YSL.  I like it, but I wish it was just open, a bit shorter, and not with the fabric flap behind.  LOL at “bootcut” tho.



Hope you took your blood pressure medication today:

Why do tactical videos always have to have the most UN-CHILL music ever?  Shit stresses me out.  Do yourself a favor and mute it and put on Yung Lean – Ginseng Strip 2002 in the background.

0:33 inspired me to do this meme:


If you’re not kicking doors in the NEWEST 5.11 you’re probably not operating at max efficiency I guess?



Every time I see Rudy Reyes in something new, it reminds me how I need to revisit Generation Kill:

511-Tactial-Duty-KiltIf you remember, this 5.11 tactical kilt thing started as an April fools joke a handful of years back, and people were like “I WANT THAT *throwing money at screen*”, so they started making them.  Glad to see 5.11 has a sense of humor anyway.  You can pick up a tactical duty kilt for $90 if you need more genital grazing breezes in your life.


Gat tip: Christopher


How long you spent at the mall?  How long it take you to get this fly? (All day trigga.)  5.11 with that new new:

Stupid_Sexy_FlandersRemember when Instructor Zero wore tactical yoga pants and did drills with a damn parachute attached to him?  Yes that actually happened.  Saying it out loud though is like talking about when Fabio got his nose bloodied by a flying goose on a roller coaster at Busch Gardens in VA.  It’s almost too hilarious to be real.

If you want to hit the range feelin’ like you’re “wearing nothing at all” looking like a sexy Flanders then 5.11 is the plug.  I’m about to cop, then instagram a “tactical deep lunges while engaging target” thirst trap video for your viewing pleasure. hahah :P



Christmas is almost here operators:

5.110:10 – Dat opening walk *bottom lip bite* and she carries a Glock. #Would #WouldOperateWith

5.11 delivered on this.  Glad to see it’s Made In The USA *shots fired?* haha

Gat tip: Eric


Now with 5.11 sponsorship:

Instructor-Zerohaha I really expected nothing less from Zero.  LOL two massive 5.11 duffle bags near as tall as him all filled with 5.11 stuff…. riiiiiiight what a coincidence since they sponsor the video.  Dudes be like “WANT IT ALLLLLLLLLLL”.

Thoughts? Is ZERO wearing on you?