.50 BMG

Holy this gets expensive:

68 Rounds.  Even at like $3 or $4 per round that’s like $204 to  $272 total haha. Sooner or later some Arborist is going to come on here and talk shit / tell me that removing a tree properly actually costs more than $272 😂.

This vid brought to you by Dustin, the same guy to operate operationally on a trampoline.

Thoughts? The proof of concept is neat even though it’s biN duN beFo.  That said, I can think of 68 different / cooler things to shoot each of those rounds at.

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TheAKguy test fires his AK-50 for the first time:

Congrats Brandon!  Glad to see it worked!  For some reason I assumed the first test fire was going to be with gas, and then if that worked they would rip a few more off in semi auto. Makes sense of course when I think about it, to fire it this way first. Hopefully getting it to work in semi auto won’t be too difficult.

Oh and fittingly Brandon is wearing the ENDO Defend Freedom AK version t-shirt. ;)  Always awesome to see.



Fellas, please help me troubleshoot this problem…


Hmmm Yea I have no idea… I just bought the box that said .50 on it. :)

Either way, this is no match for the .50 BMG Desert Eagle.

Gat tip: @kenny2887 via @smithandwesson_fanatics


ahahhahaha this thing:

12″ barrel on that thing.  Safety Harbor Firearms made it, but they don’t sell it for some reason. *shrug*

Action shot:


hahah wow.  Thoughts?  Holding out for the 20mm version like I am? :P


TheAKguy updates us on his pet project, the .50 BMG AK development:

TheAKGuy-ENDOInteresting design considerations.  I’m looking forward to finally seeing this thing in action.  Looks like we’ll have to wait another 6-8 weeks minimum.



Royal Nonesuch doing it:

Royal-Nonesuch-RN50-Bolt-Action-50-BMGOh wow he’s actually wearing sunglasses and eyepro for safety.  What a time to be alive.  Man that thing looks nice / badass.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… those TEC-9 speedholes on the foreend are so dope, I literally can’t even.  Pretty exciting that he has his own firearm.  That’s definitely something to put on a resume (or not put I guess haha depending on where he’s applying for a job).

8:01 – .50 BMG ricochet off steel at that close of range could have been bad for the heath not?  Either way, he’s still alive at the time of writing this blog post.

9:18 – “Is it shootable out of a sweater?” ahhaha this guy slays me.

10:03 – Royal’s girl (Mark Serbu’s daughter) hip firing the gun. Is that your bolt action .50 or your girl’s bolt action .50? *extremely Drake voice* :P

MSRP is $1200 for the 29.5″ version.  Not sure if you can buy this 18″ length he shows in the video, but it’s worth a shot emailing Serbu if that’s what you want.