.50 BMG

The Royal Nonesuch x Mark Serbu creation:

Man, once again that hand guard with the TEC-9 air holes WOOOOOOOO *FLAMEZ EMOTICONS x 1000*.

$875 he says, but I can’t find it on the Serbu Firearms website.  I’m sure you can email him and ask how you can get your hands on one though.

Gat tip: Jim


They should have never gave Richard money.  He doesn’t appreciate shit:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtThat’s actually a really cool shot.  hahah he only only wrecked one 870… but also a second one.

So in conclusion, Richard is basically Michael Bloomberg with a straw hat :( :P.



Royal Nonesuch shows the build he did at Serbu:

Dubbed the RN50.  Looks pretty cool!  I know a lot of guys probably think the AR-15 accessory compatibility is played out, but I definitely don’t.  Show me a more versatile platform with more accessories *waiting*.  It’s cool that it sounds like they are going to be selling build kits.

When I saw the TEC-9 style handguard with the airholes I was like OHHHHHHHHHHHH!  That looks money.  *Pusha T voice* See this air hole tech and get rrrrrrat from me.

Here’s a teaser video of the build posted on Mark Serbu’s YouTube page:

Royal-Nonesuch-RN50-50BMGOh and in the post I did titled “Royal Nonesuch gets the guns and the girl” where he had a loveydovey pic with Valerie Serbu, was deleted by him on Instagram shortly after I posted it.  Yea yea I screenshotted, but I’m not trying to get Monica in trouble.

Hopefully you all had a great Christmas and New Years.  I spent time with my family. Went to California for a week with my Girlfriend to see my parents and go to Disney and Universal, chilled out and ate too much.  I know you thought I took days off, but my mind was cooking up fresh designs and memes the whole time, there just weren’t blog posts haha. #ENDO I’ll be catching up on emails and posts over the next week. Thanks to everyone who emailed me!



Oh lawwwwwd.  This is so excessive and I love it:

50-BMG-AK-RifleLOL amazing right?  I knew about this for a bit *industry insider flex* but had to keep my mouth shut.  So awesome.

TheAKGuy-ENDOI’m looking forward to seeing updates and actual production prototypes having rounds run through them.

Brandon TheAKGuy has been working very hard on this for a while, and I’m happy for him that the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to appear.

If you like the California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt he’s rocking, ENDO Apparel is the spot of course.  Available in multiple colors, and may turn you into an AK god.



Royal-Nonesuch-ENDONot really much new info besides that render.  It’s missing a forend though, which he does mention his final rifle will definitely have along with a bi-pod and foregrip.  It would be a good idea to throw a strip of picatinny rail on the top for a scope.  It’d throw a couple keymod speed holes on it too for operational street cred.  Also, he should name the rifle “Valerie” after Mark Serbu’s daughter (who I predicted he will fall in love with and eventually go on to inherit the family business).  Valerie Nonesuch has a great ring to it for real.

Him and Mark Serbu want advice on what type of vids they should make together besides the .50 BMG build ones.  Thoughts?



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Jesse-Ingall-Deagle-Brand-DeagleOhhhh the feels.

<– From my buddy Jesse “king of the Deagles”.