Cooler than my private range (I don’t have one):

For such a lavish estate and guy like 50, I really expected more.  Shows that he’s smart enough with his money I guess if nothing else.  Not like he couldn’t make that entire thing out of marble, gold, and platinum bars if he wanted to.

50-cent-get-rich-or-die-tryingThe guy was shot 9 times before his career even began and he still sold drugs.  That would make anyone want to be proficient at shooting back!

I remember when the “Get Rich Or Die Trying” album was released, and I wanted a Gucci strapped Miami classic holster like his (pictured left) so bad LOL.

I bet the Dr. Dre has a sweet range.  He damn well better have a nice one after selling Beats By Dre (his headphones company) to Apple for $3B (Yea… 3 BILLION *smh* I can’t even fathom that).

I’ll leave you with a song that sums it all up… Many Men:

Every night I talk to God, but he don’t say nothing back
I know he protecting me, but I still stay with my gat
In my nightmares niggas keep pulling TECs on me
Psychic says some bitch done put a hex on me



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Once again on his twitter page, 50 talks about some gun related stuff, specifically lamps:

The picture of his awesome lamp:

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By the look of his twitter account background:

LOL I love that guy…  talk about being the Brady Campaign’s worst nightmare. Not only was he shot 9 times, but he continues to promote and rap about guns, and has a few hundred million dollars to his name.  He really seems like a down to earth guy, more so than a lot of other people with far less money than him.  Judging by how that background of his twitter account looks pretty rookie (and has at least 1 airsoft gun in it) I wouldn’t be surprised if he did that himself in MS paint.

There is one verse in 50 Cent – Gunz Come Out where he says “AR-15 cooling system to make the shell case muffle / Scope infrared, run you’re still dead” … I would be very impressed if he actually knew that suppressors worked on the principle of cooling down expanding gases.  It wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility since he is obviously a smart guy… but the part about muffling the “shell case” is worthy of an eye roll.

There is another verse I can think of off the top of my head, not by him but from one of his G-Unit cohorts Lloyd Banks.. where on Banks Workout Part II he raps about having “a big silencer to make it sound like the wheel of fortune”. I thought that was a pretty cool simile.

If you’re not already following 50 on twitter, he is hilarious. Some of you might not find anything he says funny because he has a dark sense of humor and a lot what he writes is pretty crude:  Here is a sample of what you can expect:

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