.700 WTF

The custom round beside a revolver to show the scale:

The rifle made to shoot it, along with some ammo:

I posted a pic of the round in chat and the first response was “WTF” so it stuck. the case is made but fire forming 50 bmg brass to the chamber and then trimming to 3″ long. then press it into a neck sizer and seat a .700 cal 1132gr cast paper patch boolit. ¬†According to my numbers this gun with its 16.25″ barrel will push that 1132gr boolit to over 2000fps and up to around 2300fps. The gun is made by me from scratch and weighs in at 15lbs. its a single shot with a shell holder bolt. the optic is an Aimpoint comp M4 and handles the recoil like a champ. the grip is a magpull grip made for an AR and the recoil pad is a limb saver.

See more pictures on the Cast Boolits website – HERE

I know the name of the site is “cast boolits” but I find that word (boolit) so obnoxious.

Make a Glock in .700 WTF, then we can talk.


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