Did FPS Russia have plastic surgery?  Did he lose weight?  Is he wearing eye makeup?  He looks different in the face:

Well the intro was boring, and in general he talks to much in the video.  LOL at the derpy looking Remington 870 bullpup kit.  I swear some companies design things to look like shit on purpose.  Hopefully it doesn’t some how dick with the classic Remington 870 reliability.

FPS-RussiaI could have done without the music in the background through the video.  That was distracting.

4:20 – He shouts out our guy Richard Ryan for the slow-motion video.  Nice.



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Better than nothing if you want a bullpup shotgun I suppose:

Terrible looking design though… Yeeeeeeeeeeeechhhhhhhh.  I’m always surprised when designs are shitty, like it costs any less to make a mold for something that looks like a dogs breakfast from the 1980s.

Regardless of how shitty it looks, I’m sure they will sell a lot of them at the $360 asking price.  It has AR-15 features on it, so that’s an insta-cop for pretty much everyone under the age of 40.

3:50 – OHHHHH yeeeeeeahhhhh the drop test.

5:12 – It sounds like she’s shaking rocks around in an ice cream pail, inside a cave when she cycles it. Probably echoing inside that monolithic plastic housing LOL.


I love how shes talking about how it’s “feeding reliable” etc… Like do you not remember that you just wrapped $360 dollars in plastic around a normal 870?  Why are you surprised it feeds any different?  I’d take this over the KSG any day, even though the KSG looks cooler.

I wonder if the trigger feels as bad as I think it probably does.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


Also known as a Remington 870:

Because America.

Anyone else getting their tree this way?


This is probably a stupid question, but is a usable shotgun without a barrel an NFA item?

Maybe they just chopped the barrel off (at the receiver) for the video? I’ve taken apart my Remington 870 before, and the barrel locks back into the receiver.  If it wasn’t just chopped, I don’t know how the shell wouldn’t fly out of place without being locked properly into something when it was fired.  I could be wrong though.


Hat tip: Bryan


The Remington 870 Marine Magnum 12GA appears to be the weapon of choice when finishing off a netted tuna catch:

I don’t know why, but I never pictured it going down like that.

You can check out the rest of the pics HERE.  Looks like a pretty messy job, especially for the guys that jump in after with the knives.


Add Thailand to the list of places I wouldn’t want to be right now.  Just like the Kyrgyzstan riots I reported on yesterday, this also stems from the people’s problems with their government.

The shotguns in the picture appear to be Remington 870s

Picture #3 – Soldiers carrying HK G3 Rifles

Picture #6M16A1 rifles that protesters seized from soldiers

Picture #7M4 Carbine and a M1911 pistol

Picture #31 – Remington 870

Picture #33 – Piles of HK G3 rifles , M16A1 rifles, and some unknown break action single barrel shotguns seized by protesters

A couple of the pictures definitely look suspect when it comes to the real brand name weapons as opposed to clones.

Full Photo Set – HERE