I was talking with a friend yesterday about how I was thinking of selling my Glock 21 and buying a Beretta 92.  He started talking about the 90two; calling it “the 92” and there was some confusion because I still thought we were talking about the 92.

Why the hell would Beretta pick two similar names for such similar guns?

Hopefully they have more sense then to name subsequent pistols the 9T2, 9D2, ninety-two, ninety-2, 9-2, nine-two etc…

Can you Imagine?

Future gun store Beretta counter scene:

  • Me: I’d like to see the 92 *points at glass in Beretta case*
  • Clerk: Sure, one second… Here you go *Hands me the 90two*
  • Me: Oh, actually I meant the non polymer one
  • Clerk: Oh ok.. here you go *hands me the 9T2*
  • Me: No, this isn’t the right one either.. the one I want to see is right there *points* the 92.. numbers nine and two
  • Clerk: Oh right.. *hands me the nine-two*
  • Me: Never mind, i’ll check it out on the internet… *hands gun back*

If you have to refer to a gun model by using the Military phonetic alphabet, by pronouncing the punctuation, or by writing it down on paper and showing someone… then that company probably should have reconsidered that model name.