From the same people who made the Lifecard .22 LR pistol:

In the video abouve the guy demonstrates putting it into action by barrel sweeping 180 degrees when he pivots; not super ideal.  In this second video you can see the guy rotate (AHhggggh! I mean “PIVOT”) the lower receiver instead, which definitely seems like better practice:

I’m glad I know about this gun and how to use it now, because if I ever saw one in person there would have been a 100% chance I would have picked it up and then jammed the barrel into my shoulder before letting out a “WHUT IN TARNATION?” *nervous laughter* in order to save face.

$1795 at Trailblazer Firearms.

  • Caliber: 9×19
  • Weight: 5lbs
  • Materials: Aluminum / Steel / Polymer
  • Maximum portability – 20.9″ long (folded)
  • Full 16″ threaded barrel +extendable stock
  • Uses GLOCK® compatible magazines
  • Extra magazine storage in stock
  • Built-in safety features
  • Made in USA

I guess it’s supposed to compete with the 20+ year old pistol caliber carbine staple – the KELTEC SUB2000?  Considering the Sub2000 only costs around $500, I think the Trailblazer Pivot is going to be a really tough sell at their current MSRP of $1795, and a fraction of the brand recognition.  I’ve been wrong before though.  They probably are doing fabulously well off sales of the LifeCard, which I would have never predicted.. so who knows maybe the Pivot will absolutely kill it as well.  I wish them the best.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Based off the WWII British Welrod pistol.  The B&T VP9:

Very cool.  I like the simplicity of it.  Those replaceable baffles he talks about at 0:27 are some real assassin type shit.  I guess you use the “training suppressor” it comes with for practice, so you don’t have to replace the baffles before whatever “dirty job” MI6 or the CIA (or both because they think you are two different people?) hired you to do.

0:41 – 5 round capacity hey 🤔.  If I had money to blow I’d definitely figure a way to add a 9mm drum or extendo.

Here are the details on the B&T website.  Taking the safe route, they call it the “veterinary pistol” “*wink wink* Hunny, a deer got hit by a car so I had to dispatch it. *wink wink* No no that has nothing to do with why I was gone 3 days, and you found 4 passports with my picture on them, but all from different countries with different names in my shaving kit.”


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Looks like pea shooters aren’t for men:

Pint sized pistols will GET U KILT IN THE STREETS.

1:43 – LOL -15 points for a 9mm?  “Women or Europeans may appreciate the lighter kick” LOL I’m deceased.

Yo Lucky Gunner is crazy for this one.  Nice work.  See how I threw them the link juice there.  Hopefully all 5 people that visit this blog on a regular basis (not including my mom and dad), click through and buy some ammo.


Slide in the little adapter thing, and boom that’s it:

The company that makes it is MEAN Arms and they call it the…. wait for it… wait for it.. ENDOmag haha.  I truly hope piehitters don’t start emailing me with their questions and concerns just because the name says ENDO in it.

This seems pretty cool because you DON’T have to buy a magwell adapter for your AR if you want to shoot 9mm… however those ones typically use standard Glock mags which is a plus in my books because I own a handful of Glocks.  Were there feeding and reliability with those AR / Glock mag systems?  I’m not really “in the know” when it comes to that.  The ENDOmag is on pre-order right now for $25 (3 pack for $69) if you click the above link.


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This got some people riled up:

If you want to put a compensator on a 9mm subcompact I really couldn’t be any happier for you.  It’s nice we can do whatever we want in this country with our money.

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Thoughts?  If you need me this weekend I’ll be with my Glock 26… polishing my slide serrations, getting speed holes cut all over, getting a grip reduction, and mounting an RMR and laser / light combo.  Man, all I can say is my Calvin-pissing-on-the-S&W-logo carbon fiber slide plate better come quickly.

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haha like one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite philosophers states “Get yourself a Glock rimfire revolver. Lose that nickel plated sissy pistol” -Justin Bieber

In all seriousness, if Glock made a .22 LR semi auto, or hell even a revolver I’d be all over it.  A reliable rimfire pistol In the same frame as the G19?  I literally COULDN’T EVEN, and I’m pretty sure the rest of the world would be with me on that.