Slide in the little adapter thing, and boom that’s it:

The company that makes it is MEAN Arms and they call it the…. wait for it… wait for it.. ENDOmag haha.  I truly hope piehitters don’t start emailing me with their questions and concerns just because the name says ENDO in it.

This seems pretty cool because you DON’T have to buy a magwell adapter for your AR if you want to shoot 9mm… however those ones typically use standard Glock mags which is a plus in my books because I own a handful of Glocks.  Were there feeding and reliability with those AR / Glock mag systems?  I’m not really “in the know” when it comes to that.  The ENDOmag is on pre-order right now for $25 (3 pack for $69) if you click the above link.


Gat tip: Doyle


This got some people riled up:

If you want to put a compensator on a 9mm subcompact I really couldn’t be any happier for you.  It’s nice we can do whatever we want in this country with our money.

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Thoughts?  If you need me this weekend I’ll be with my Glock 26… polishing my slide serrations, getting speed holes cut all over, getting a grip reduction, and mounting an RMR and laser / light combo.  Man, all I can say is my Calvin-pissing-on-the-S&W-logo carbon fiber slide plate better come quickly.

Gat tip: Sketchydr


haha like one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite philosophers states “Get yourself a Glock rimfire revolver. Lose that nickel plated sissy pistol” -Justin Bieber

In all seriousness, if Glock made a .22 LR semi auto, or hell even a revolver I’d be all over it.  A reliable rimfire pistol In the same frame as the G19?  I literally COULDN’T EVEN, and I’m pretty sure the rest of the world would be with me on that.



Test firing his newest build:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDOLots of character in the look and design.  I like the concept.

It will be awesome once he increases the reliability.  I’m really glad to see he’s getting into more semi-autos now rather than sticking with the standard single shot stuff he has been doing since the jump.

I hope Royal Nonesuch is keeping all these guns he builds. I almost feel like I should make him an offer he can’t refuse on the whole lot of them so I could mount them in my office as art.



Everything but the barrel and springs are 3D printed plastic.  Below is the assembly video, so you can probably just skip through it if you don’t have 10 minutes to spare:

Very nice.  Notably cool that he’s used a 3d printed AR-15 lower receiver with a magwell insert to accept 9mm magazines of his own design.

Here’s a test fire video.  I love the HK style charging handle:

Shuty-9mm-3d-Printed-PistolThoughts?  Do you see the current laws which let people build firearms for personal use being changed because of 3d printing?  Has a crime ever been committed yet in the US with a 3d printed gun?


Andrew with GY6Vids:

Belt-Fed-9mm-GY6Vidshaha nice!  Those belts and bags hold 150 rounds each.

The manufacturer of this system is Freedom Ordnance.  You can pre-order the upper on their website for $1895… seems reasonable for that amount of fun, but you’ll need an auto lower though of course if you don’t want to just shoot semi-automatic.

There is an up close view of the manufacturer shooting with it you can check out if you like.

Thoughts?  Did you fall victim to the thirst trap Andrew baited his female viewers with starting at 0:34?