The kid is back at it.  Talking about his plans for the homemade AA-12:

Should be awesome. It will almost definitely look “rough” like the rest of his firearms, but that really adds to the character if you ask me.

He has the correct licenses to legally build automatic firearms now, so the world is his oyster.


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With An AA-12 shotgun 😂:

The slow motion was pretty sick.  I can’t stand when I’m on some remote mountain top that took hours to climb to, then someone starts flying one of those around.  If there was a way they could stop the high pitched whine I wouldn’t care… but that sound is so grating.

Ok serious question.. what happened to the “LARRY TURNS IT OFFFFFFF 🎶” jingle he always had with these clips?  That was actually one of my favorite YouTuber things.

haha 13 people downvoted the video on YouTube. Drone fans (or Larry haters) I guess *shrug*.



haha ya well it’s still airsoft, but it’s pretty cool I guess:

The video was about 8.5 minutes long than it needed to be.  He unleashes the plastic beast at 5:45… such destruction :P

The real deal AA-12 doesn’t appear to have much more recoil than the airsoft version.  That post I linked was from April 2011, a time when I apparently first posted about FPS Russia, and was already irritated by his accent.  Evidently it has been an emotional rollercoaster of me changing my mind about a lot of people and their videos over the years haha.  I’ve changed my mind about airsoft a lot over the years too, now I’m just at the point where I’m like “If people are having fun doing it, then why not?  Just don’t pretend you’re a real firearms expert because you have a similar looking gun that shoots plastic BBs.

Airsoft-MemeRedwolf Airsoft is the plug.  They’ve got it for only $400, which actually is about 10x less expensive than I thought it would be.  Normally I see the prices on airsoft and can’t believe how close in cost it is to the real thing.



There are only a couple people I always said to myself I would never post about… here’s one:

The guy shoots some nice weapons in his vids, but he often does it with little regard for safety.  That’s not my beef with him though… my beef is that bullshit Russian accent.  I can’t stand it.

The AA-12 is a beast!


I thought the poster was cool:

The trailer:


The movie doesn’t look like anything groundbreaking, but would probably be entertaining enough to watch.

I like the appearance of the AA-12 shotgun at 1min 42sec!