Abner Miranda

High Speed Low Drag Youtube operators don’t like comments questioning their techniques.


From Abner Miranda himself, in the comments on the post where I made fun of his Derpy Exaggerated Tactical Threat Scan:

Gentlemen, please look into “Temple Index.” There is a very valid reason why placing the pistol to the side of your head is used. Instead of explaining it here I urge all of you, so cavalier in your comments, to look it up for yourselves. Moreover, I urge all of you to get off your computers and get to some training to learn why this new technique is what it is. New techniques are usually hard to understand. The first time I saw temple index was at a Sentinel Concepts Low Light Vehicle CQB course. The vid is posted if you want to see the technique being used. It was taught to us by Will Petty (look him up). When he showed the technique I actually said “what is that?” I was then shown why, who, what, when, and where. I was then able to apply it properly. I’m still kind of iffy on if I’m going to adopt it full force. However, the point of this posting is to get all of you to realize that sitting behind your computers mocking people does no one any good. Get out there and train guys, learn this stuff for yourselves. BTW this right here is why I lock down the comments and embedding of my vids. It’s not that I fear comments or challenges it’s that I only discuss TTP’s and accept challenges from flesh and blood men who are standing in front of me on the range. Stop hiding behind your online names and get on the range where your performance with your weapon of choice can be judged by your peers.

Gentlemen, have a great day.

-Abner Miranda


Let me start off my saying LOLOLOL.  Ok now that I got that out of the way, I did actually just google “Temple Index” and a variety of other temple index related searches with shooting terms in them and couldn’t come up with anything.  Must be on such a low operational tier that not even the internet knows about it yet… that advanced.  Maybe it will leak someday in a wikileaks / snowden type thing.

Sentinel-Concepts-Derp-ScanHe actually has a video up on YouTube of the Sentinel Concepts Low Light Vehicle CQB course he was referring to.  At least one high derp scan in that (2:24 pictured left).  No forward rolls, or notch hats though don’t get your hopes too high.

Can someone please explain why the temple index of doom (high derp scan) is good?



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As you guys know, tactical post-shooting exaggerated tactical threat scanning is the new hotness.  This example is pure gold:

Blog reader Brandon emailed me, and I quote – “@3:11 was he looking for jesus or nah lmao”

3:11 guys…. incredible LOL.  When I saw that my brain was like IS THIS REAL LIFE?  Even the placement of the handgun facing up by his ear was pure gold. And the look up…. Hnnnnnnnnnnnnng my heart LOLOL.

Tactical-Threat-ScanIf in the future you shoot someone in self defense, and are caught on security camera doing such a thing I picture the jury deliberating and coming up with “This man is a trained killer!  Just look at his calm pause, careful indexing of the handgun by his ear, the careful search and assess.  He has trained for this very moment just hoping it would happen.” haha well maybe not, but I still think if you threat scan how the guy in the video does, at the very least you deserve to be made fun of by everyone.

It’s really unfortunate the guy’s hat doesn’t have any notches. :/

Thoughts?  Am I just not operator enough to understand?