Larry just wanted to call someone bro and use some hand gestures because it was raining all week and his wife was driving him up the wall:

Larry-Vickers-Hover-SunglassesInteresting looking camouflage type targets they are shooting at.  Probably a decent idea since real life targets aren’t perfect black & white silhouettes.

1:32 – Why does LAV bring the gun down, then back up on every shot?  Is that some DELTA operator stuff I wouldn’t understand?

This vid was useless at dispelling any myth considering LAV and him DIDN’T EACH SHOOT BOTH GUNS.  Maybe LAV would have put all 7 rounds in one ragged hole with the WWII 1911?



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Karnis figured out that he need three, to really tune his barrel. He discovered that he needed the Chocolate covered glazed, glazed old fashion and glazed blueberry. After, examining his groups, he thought the blueberry needed a little tweeking, either that or he was a little hungry.

My Hawkeye would just not respond to two or three, had to go a full load, plain cake, glazed, glazed old fashion, chocolate covered cake, chocolate glazed, cinnamon old fashion and a plain cake. Man what a difference this made!

Although, our experiment is highly scientific your results may vary. (Source)

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A few days ago I blogged about the British Army sniper that set a new kill distance record with an Accuracy International L115A3.


Well it looks like the British are breeding Universal soldier types, because today some more impressive shooting was in the UK news:

A British sniper shot dead five Taliban gunmen in just 28 seconds to save the lives of comrades walking into an ambush.

The marksman felled the rebels from more than a mile away as they prepared to attack troops on foot patrol in Afghanistan.

The corporal  –  whose identity cannot be revealed for security reasons  –  has killed a record 37 enemy fighters during a four-month tour of duty.

Full Story – HERE

The phones at Accuracy International are likely ringing off the hook lately.

If I were British I’d  have done this in reaction to the article:


A British Army sniper has set a new sharpshooting distance record by killing two Taliban machinegunners in Afghanistan from more than a mile away.

Craig Harrison, a member of the Household Cavalry, killed the insurgents with consecutive shots — even though they were 3,000ft beyond the most effective range of his rifle.

The distance to Harrison’s two targets was measured by a GPS system at 8,120ft, or 1.54 miles. The previous record for a sniper kill is 7,972ft, set by a Canadian soldier who shot dead an Al-Qaeda gunman in March 2002.

Full Story – HERE

Very impressive kills.  I couldn’t even imagine the adjustments you would have to make at that range, and even the mirage that he must have seen looking through the scope.

Tom Irwin, a director of Accuracy International, the British manufacturer of the L115A3 rifle, said: “It is still fairly accurate beyond 4,921ft, but at that distance luck plays as much of a part as anything.”

If he took shot after shot and EVENTUALLY hit the insurgents I would call it luck. According to the article though, Harrison fired 3 shots.  The first 2 hit and killed the insurgents, then the 3rd and final shot he used to disable the machine gun they were using.  If that is luck, and not skill, then Harrison is pretty damn lucky.

Anyone know why it took so long for this story to reach the news? According to the article, the record breaking kills happened in November 2009.

I think it’s interesting that the article refers to the caliber of the L115A3 as 8.59 mm , and the caliber of the previous record holder, Canadian Sniper Rob Furlong’s rifle as 12.7 mm.  I suppose most of the rest of the world is on the metric system, and they might be familiar with those numbers, but referring to them as .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG in addition would likely have avoided some confusion (here in the U.S. anyway).

More information on the L115A3 – HERE

Accuracy International Website (one of the worst websites I have ever seen) – HERE


  • Organizing for a Carbine Class

  • Range Accuracy Vs. Battle Marksmanship

  • Telescopic Sights and Reality

All 3 articles are definitely worth a read…

Check out the articles at S.W.A.T. magazine’s website – HERE

A good price on a subscription to S.W.A.T. and other related magazines:

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I like to give the Ruger Mini-14 a rough time.  All the ones I’ve tried function flawlessly with all different types of ammo, but once you try and push it out to long range it really suffers.

Thanks to Keith for the chart.