action figure

They worked with Advance Armament Company and I REALLY expected more:

Here are five more videos which also aren’t even worth watching:

Action-Figure-Therapy-MarineI’m not really sure why they would release six videos all on the same day, and barely even try to make them funny.

Is this the state of AAC marketing?  Just throw some money and someone and be like “meh just get the figures to read some lists in their voices and call it a day.”  Their marketing was so good back in the day people were tattooing that Affliction style logo on their body.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Marketed as a tribute to American bravery:

Wouldn’t you know, some Nobel Peace Prize laureates condemn the show for “glorifying war”, and want it removed from NBC’s lineup.  *eye roll*

NBC’s response: “This show is not a glorification of war, but a glorification of service”

Ranger from Action Figure therapy goes in:

^^^ hahahahah oh man that’s good.  Dean Cain pushing the limits of DADT, and Nick Lachey’s scarf… priceless.

Thoughts?  Anyone bother to watch the show yesterday?  Do you feel the same way as the Ranger?


The Marine has some advice for those of us dating:

  1. Yell at them from cars.
  2. Shirts with dragons.
  3. Don’t wear a shirt.
  4. Talk about video games.
  5. Talk about how fat other chicks are.
  6. Assert your masculinity.
    etc…. you gotta watch it. 

Female infantry soldier has a hilarious rebuttal:

ROFL… man I love these guys.  Those are some pretty solid tips, i’ll have to renew my subscription to “guns cars and punching things” magazine… I didn’t realize the advice this good. :P


Some good lines in this one:

I can’t take watching more than 3 videos back to back with that voice.  I just broke that rule and I think my ears are going to start bleeding…


AFT is always good for a few laughs:

The only complaint I have about Action Figure Therapy is that after watching tons of them, the punchlines and direction they take in all the videos is very predictable.


I haven’t seen the first one (The Rise Of Cobra) yet, but I have to say this sequel looks entertaining… Specifically scenes starting at 2:05 and 2:29.

I love that song they remixed for the trailer, White Stripes – 7 Nation Army.  Full remix version – HERE (it’s got a dubstep feel to it)