action figure

AFT is awesome.  


I’m too old for action figures, but this is awesome:

As you can see he comes with a number of incredibly detailed different weapons accessories and disguises.

Sheeeeeeeeeeeit I thought the Obama action figure was expensive… this one is $235!

If you have more money than you know what to do with you can buy it at Enterbay – HERE

If you haven’t seen the movie Leon: The Professional yet, head down to Walmart and get it immediately… or else pick it up on Amazon for $7 – HERE


A perfect example of why people that don’t know anything about guns, shouldn’t produce something to do with guns:

Bryan pointed out that the rifle is a Russian AN-94 assault rifle.  Anyone wanna bet they just googled “Assault rifle” and decided this looked the meanest. *facepalm*

More pics – HERE

Also, maybe I’m the only one that is bothered by this, but I hate that people even give Obama even a shred of credit for Bin Laden’s death.  It really diminishes the accomplishment of the military in my eyes.  Makes about as much sense to me as giving the weather guy credit for a sunny day outside.

The action figure is unsurprisingly Chinese made.  If you want one, they are $130 – HERE

Hat tip: Bryan


At first I was skeptical, but then I watched the video.

The video is made by youtube channel Action Figure Therapy – HERE

The 3 or so other videos I watched were hilarious as well so you should check them out.

The guy’s voice reminds me of Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down.